Essays on Hazard and Risk Management - Great Northern Hotel Case Study

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The paper 'Hazard and Risk Management - Great Northern Hotel " is a good example of a management case study. The hotel  business has been booming in the United Kingdom since the country has been considered as the best region in the European Union due to its best facilities and infrastructure. The business focus of the United Kingdom is London City that houses many business facilities. Out of 1000 firms analyzed in the UK’ s hospitality sector shows that the hotel industry is growing at 2.2% annually. The City has numerous hotel facilities that serve both domestic and international customers.

However, hotels house events and facilities that have substantive risks to human safety and health (Hotel News Now2011). Therefore, there is need to carry out a risk assessment on these business premises through a clear risk identification criteria that provide the incentive to evaluate and analyse the risk scenarios (IHG 2012). Every organisation has a risk response team that responds to risk events thus managing risks is an integral part of hotels(Rushmore 2010, p. 19) the UK has various hotels but the focus of this paper is on Great Northern Hotel underwent recent renovations that mean the team had identified certain risks that were worth mitigating through repair (Great Northern Hotel 2013). 1000 firms analysed in the UK in the past 2 years shows an average growth of 2.2 This report purposefully does a detailed assessment of the hazards and risks that may be present in the Great Northern Hotel of the UK.

The report begins by present a brief overview of the Hotel that paints a clear picture of the business operations in the company and its scope of operations.

Moreover, the overview provides the report with background information on assessing risks in the company. Afterward, risk assessment commences by a premier inference into the SWOT analysis of this company which is also supported by its PESTEL analysis. The most important part of risk assessment is risk identification. In this case, the report explains the concept of risk identification and goes ahead to define both individuals as well as the societal risk of the Great Northern Hotel. In the risk identification, an emphasis is made on the F-N diagram as a tool for assessing risk in the company with the use of the ALARP principle.

On the other hand, the paper also uses other methodologies of risk assessment like fault tree analysis, event tree, Reliability block diagram, and the common cause analysis in identifying and assessing risks in the company (Ahmed, Kayis B & Amornsawadwatana 2007, p. 24).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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