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The paper "HBF Health Limited Business " is a perfect example of a business case study. Any health insurance company faces the challenge of being under the pressure to keep their premiums low because members do not like to see a high increase in premiums. The managers are not the price-setters; hence, it is difficult for the companies to control the prices at the public hospitals. However, the health insurance company pays the benefits to members to help them meet the costs of public hospital bills. There has been difficulty setting the prices of the public hospitals; hence, could go up depending on the premiums.

However, in the case of private hospitals such as Hollywood and Ramsey, the company can negotiate with them to control their prices to suit their clients’ needs. The HBF and the private hospitals negotiate on a periodic basis through discussions so they make slight increases to help the patients meet the prices without difficulties. They do this by making their increase as low as possible or not at all. However, they failed to respond to the issues of high increases, where they thought it was viable.

Ramsey had a chance of running the pressure, where they increased the dividends by putting the members and stakeholders first just like any business could do. It was quite different from their stakeholders because they hold the business as it is. The public hospitals and private hospitals' perspectives are quite different. Ramsey is a setup ground that could have been used to change the costs of premiums of other groups. It could be difficult to draw a line where other hospital groups were not involved.

Negotiations take place yearly; therefore they were able to handle the issues although they still faced issues of credibility and basic financial management. The criteria for deciding on the premiums are therefore difficult and put HBF Health Limited in a difficult situation. Issues There are several issues that the HBF Health Limited insurance company faces. One of the critical problems is the control of premiums, where they are faced with the challenge of an increase in premiums that is objected to by their customers.


Issue Background



Cause Background

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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