Essays on Health and Safety Management of a New Build Construction Site Coursework

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The paper "Health and Safety Management of a New Build Construction Site" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Health and safety involve identification, elimination, or controlling the potentials risks that could cause accidents and occupational ill-health. Currently, there is a high focus on safety issues in the industry. Moreover, most industries have documented that the safety and wellbeing of their workers deserve the highest priority. In history, that has been the major leap. For example, focusing on the construction of the Great China wall, many people succumb to deaths.

In the construction industry, construction of the wall is the largest up to date. The major objective of the health and safety management within the workplace is to ensure the fulfilment of the legal, moral, and economic responsibilities that are reasonably practical for the organization and its employees. If the organization responds appropriately to ensure the safety of the employees, then the outlined activities could be beneficial to the organization (Dunlap,   2011, 110). Each construction company has responsibility for following the legal requirements to ensure the health and safety of the workers.

The best approach does not only take into account the minimum measures required in fulfilling the legal requirement but also ensures the organization upholds the needed standard. Improper practices on safety and health could lead to illness, accidents, and time losses, which might cause substantial costs to the organization. Good health and safety practices within the organization might assist improve the reputation of the construction company (Whole Building Design Guide, 2015). Adhering to the required standards of good health and safety is not only the role of the employers but also the employees who have to follow the set standards by the organization.

Failure to comply with the required regulations, the organization is liable to prosecution under the Health and Safety Act and Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulation. Therefore, each company within the construction industry has a proactive role of following the good health and safety regulations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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