Essays on Health, Safety and Environment Management Admission/Application Essay

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The paper "Health, Safety and Environment Management" is an excellent example of an application essay on management. The necessity for expertise informs my choice to study the at undergraduate level at the British Currently, I have served as senior safety personnel in oil and gas refinery for more than 10 years. My future career goals are to contribute to the efforts aimed at promoting health, safety, and environmental quality at local, national, and international levels through knowledge acquired during the study. I intend to apply knowledge gained from the course to help address environmental concerns in the organization and country.

As an expert in health, safety, and environment management, I intend to engage in the sensitization of the world population on the necessity to promote environmental conservation of vital natural resources. I intend to use my expertise to promote occupational safety in industrial and business premises through advocacy for appropriate legislation and in the future positions in which I will serve. Furthermore, I intend to engage in activities that ensure public health is promoted especially in impoverished and low-income members of the society. My experience at the university was great and conformed to the expectations of gaining knowledge in my area of specialization.

The institution has well-equipped resources including classrooms and a modern library. Furthermore, social interaction with the staff and students was commendable because I attained their assistance. There are sociable lectures and cooperative students. I was worried about my advance age but it turned out my colleagues have no problem interacting with me. Besides, our relationship is friendly. Although it has been a long since I was in class for long hours studying, I adapted and currently feeling comfortable learning and attending several lectures.

I can spend long attending classes. During my first week in the degree subject module, I was not very comfortable in class because of my long-time spent while attending class. That was because I have been in employment for nearly ten years without attending classes. I also experienced challenges following the timetable. I sometimes confused the classes and even lecture halls during my first weeks at the university. The module handbooks help me plan for my classes.

It has since helped me avoid the confusion I had last time in classes. I have been able to access MyBeckett, online through the University website. My experience at British University is exceptionally great and I expect to achieve my visions at the University.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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