Essays on Chandler Building - Safety and Health Hazards of Demolition Work Case Study

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The paper “ Chandler Building - Safety and Health Hazards of Demolition Work” is a well-turned example of the case study on management. The Chandler building is a building for UCLAN University in the UK, which was constructed before 1990 and has served the university well. The building is located at the Harris site in the University ground and is surrounded by other buildings like the Bowman house, Harris Building, Edward Building, and the Boatmans Court. The Chandler building is also near Edward street and the corporation street among other surrounding streets, as per the Preston main campus map.

The Chandler Building is applied to the strip foundation  and is constructed from heavy bricks. The University intends to demolish Chandler Building to make way for the new civil engineering structural laboratory for the academic year in 2017/18. The demolition operation is to be carried out during the term session and will take around 6 weeks. Additionally, the construction work for the new building is planned to commence the first week of January 2016.Due to the demolition plan, the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Democon Ltd Company has raised some concerns about the period of demolition and the environment within which the demolition work has to be conducted.

The concern requires preparation of a report regarding all the health and safety concerns associated with the project for the Democon’ s appreciation. This paper seeks to identify the safety and health hazards related to the demolition work. The paper explores the potential accidents and incidents that might be faced by the parties in the demolition work. There is the conduct of the assessment of the effectiveness of the proposed health and safety strategies presently available for use on the project.

The paper also contains some recommendations to the company’ s BOD on the health and safety findings report. The safety and health hazards associated with the demolition workDemolition of a building involves the reversing practice whereby the ready construction is put down. There are a number of health and safety hazards and associated risks likely to be experienced in the process of demolition (Hallowell, Esmaeili and Chinowsky 2011, 417).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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