Essays on Medicare Fraud: A $60 Billion Crime on CBSNews Article

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The paper "Medicare Fraud: A $60 Billion Crime on CBSNews" is a delightful example of an article on health sciences and medicine. The article, ‘ Medicare Fraud: A $60 billion Crime’ on CBSNews is hugely relevant because it shows how the quality of healthcare is adversely impacted by the increasing fraud in Medicare services. With about $60 billion a year, it has turned into the most profitable crime in America. The small clinics and pharmacies in the low rent strip malls are the dens from where the crooks operate. The fraud is committed by the various service providers like doctors, chemists, laboratory tests, medical goods suppliers, etc.

The claims for a number of eligible patients may be exaggerated or the consultancy may be charged for an inflated number of hours. There is a misappropriation of accounting for the supply of medicines or medical equipment to the hospital. People also benefit through kickbacks that are received by the concerned party when the goods and services are over-billed to the government department and the profit is shared by the vested interests. As a Health Service Administrator, I sincerely believe that Medicare is a vital part of healthcare imperatives that must be passed on to the eligible patients who need it.

There should be transparency and ethical consideration in the area of Medicare services. Hence, I would ensure that the state of the art information system is maintained with electronic records of all patients with their medical history. I will also ensure that data pertaining to the sale and purchase of all goods and services provided by the various service providers is kept in a transparent manner.

These are important issues that undermine accountability and considerably influence performance outcomes.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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