Essays on Healthcare Marketing: Ambien Advert Assignment

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The paper "Healthcare Marketing: Ambien Advert" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Ambien - This is a commonly used hypnotic drug in the USA. It is mainly used to combat insomnia. The ad is directed at the general adult American population. It transverses gender since it incorporates all patients suffering from sleep disorders. This is the appropriate target audience for Ambien. According to the website, nearly half of Americans suffer from sleep problems (http: //www. storykc. com/media/). Therefore, by targeting the adult American populace, the ad reaches its appropriate audience. Furthermore, the website is persuasive since it majorly focuses on the benefits of Ambien.

It also clearly outlines its (Ambien) uses. Additionally, the website claims that the drug is highly effective in treating depression and anxiety disorders. The website is dedicated to the selling of health drugs. Consequently, it lists various types of drugs on its homepage alongside Ambien. The website does not provide the client with enough information to make an informed decision. It only aims at convincing the client to purchase the drugs by specifically focusing on the benefits of Ambien while ignoring its side effects or disadvantages.

As such, the website does not list even a single disadvantage of the drug. In order for a patient to make an informed decision, he has to have access to the benefits and side effects of the drug. This vital concept is missing from the website. However, price information is available on the website. It lists that a single Ambien pill goes for 3.17 dollars. Lastly, the website has an FDA mark. This signifies that the drug being sold has been approved for human use.

If I was suffering from insomnia, I would use the product in this ad. This is because it has been approved by the food and drug administration (FDA) agency. Furthermore, the product is deemed to be highly effective with curing insomnia.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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