Essays on Employment Interview Peculiarities Assignment

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The paper 'Employment Interview Peculiarities' is a great example of a Management Assignment. Inadequate water supply is the major social issue that I expect more change to happen. The water shortage is actually the main social issue which has resulted in a great impact on the life of individuals due to several changes which have taken place. However, although the largest part of the earth`s surface is usually covered by water, the largest portion of this water is always not healthy for human consumption. Moreover, climatic changes that are taking place from time to time are increasingly leading to the problem of water scarcity in various parts of the world.

Therefore, the aspect of water conservation becomes a significant issue that should be mostly considered in the entire world. Moreover, there are several ways through which people can be persuaded to change their actions on water conservation. For instance, the recycling of water can greatly assist in saving water. B7: Yes, I think the principle of consensus works. This is because in any society the principle of consensus most of the time works in settling disputes among people.

This is because the principle of consensus applies mostly to the individuals who are not sure concerning a certain thing hence they are forced to imitate the actions of other people. For instance, as a result of this principle, a large number of customers tend to purchase goods which are similar to the ones bought by other people. Moreover, the principle of consensus in most cases makes individuals be reluctant in making decisions, therefore they only observe other people`s actions, and thereafter they do the same.

Moreover, to some extent, I am also influenced by the persuasion of this principle whereby most of the time am willing to purchase a certain product that has already been bought by others. B8: Sweetener is the commercial product that I believe I would ever buy. Even though it is a kind of candy that is very popular in the entire world I cannot buy it. Moreover, the Sweetener is usually described using two principles of persuasion which are the call to action and the other one is stimulated.

The description of this product makes customers think that they would feel happy and also relaxed when they consume Sweetener. Therefore, the majority of the customers tend to purchase because of its persuasive description. However, stimulate the description of the Sweetener greatly attracts me to purchase the product and effectively sell it. The persuasion of this commercial product can be improved by highlighting its benefits to the consumers. Making the benefits known among people can be important in making the product very persuasive. B9: Both deterrence and discontinuance are considered to have a difficult challenge.

However, the discontinuance is actually the most difficult challenge as compared to the deterrence. This is because, for the case of discontinuance, the occurrence of something which is being interfered with has already taken place while in the case of deterrence the actions being prevented have not yet started. However, there are several differences that usually exist between deterrence and discontinuous. For instance, the term discontinuance simply means interrupting an individual from doing a certain thing, while on the other hand deterrence means the prevention of a person from doing a particular thing.

In addition, the discontinuance is actually more difficult as compared to the deterrence since in the case of discontinuance various methods are required to interrupt a certain action.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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