Essays on Ethics and HRM Literature review

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The paper "Ethics and HRM" is a great example of a literature review on human resources. In every organization, there are operations. These operations must be staffed so that they can achieve their aims in the organization. Bringing people into the organization and making sure that they are productive in the enterprise and most importantly they are satisfied is an important role. For any organization to be successful and meet its obligation of a good employer, it must seek to secure the staff commitment, develop and manage staff so that they can give their best in the workplace.

This is where human resource management comes in to support the organization in all these (Boxall & Purcell 2000. P. 200) In simple terms, human resource management stands for the policies and systems that are influential to staff behavior, attitude, and performance to the competitive advantage of the entire organization. The ever-changing customer’ s expectations and competition means that the task of managing the workforce better is of great importance. This is due to the fact that it is the staff that performs and delivers the services, and therefore it is through the emphasis on staff management that a performance-oriented culture will develop. As mentioned above, many organizations are under pressure from their competitors.

Innovation and the ability to make drastic changes so as to respond to the market needs and demands is of vital importance. Effective human resource management is responsible for this; i.e. the achievement of the goals falls squarely on the shoulders of the human resource. This is because it is involved in managing people or utilizing human resources better so that the organization can gain a competitive advantage (Palazzo, Scherer & Andreas George 2008.

P. 774). There are challenges that have marred human resource management in the recent past varying form international social and economic changes and the ever-increasing changes. The recent global financial crisis was a very good example of a situation whereby HRM function had to showcase leadership in managing potential workers reductions while still attracting and retaining a talented workforce for business to continue. At the moment, many businesses were struggling in managing skill shortages (Rudd et al 2007.

P. 50), the economic havoc raised more eyebrows.


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