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Distribution/Supply Chain Strategy - Connection to value (nonmonetary costs) Help Me Make It Company must have a distributionchannel that caters for clients improved use of their product without incurring an extra cost. Clients need a product with an added value without them undergoing extra stress of emptying their pockets to get the best brand in the market. Help Me Make It has this opportunity because it can operate and use the technology available to deliver products to the hands of their clients through emails that can be accessed viable mobile phones or any other portable gadget.

Clients will feel more comfortable doing business with the company because they will be assured of a good product at a zero extra cost. The delivery of this product must not fail and clients should not feel at any instance that the company is taking advantage of technology to frustrate access to other products when they purchase from their stores. Marketing Audits for Help Me Make It Company Marketing audit plays a significant role for every company that wants to position itself for a stiffer competition in a highly competitive market.

This is no exception for Help Me Make It Company, a company that reposition itself to the internet circles and different strategies that enhance it brand name. Help Me Make It team must come up with different strategies for monitoring every marketing activity to ensure the desired goals are achieved. The strategies would include placing feedback forms on the website, creating a strong and a reliable team to monitor social media trends for the business and reply to every question raised by clients.

The company will monitor its marketing activities in a period of three months to evaluate the profit percentages compared to the invest capital in marketing in that duration of time. The marketing team will design several goals, between six to eight goals, that need to be realized in a period of three to six months. The marketing audit will be carried out by the marketing department, that is composed of professionals in different fields of marketing such as social media marketing, print media marketing, electronic marketing among other qualified personnel.

The audit will also evaluate the kind of team the company is relying for its marketing activities and whether it equal to the task at hand. The audit will factor in competition in the market, the internal environment and the cultural nature of the environment. If the marketing audit reveals that the strategy at hand is not sufficient enough to meet the expectations of the company, there will be an overhaul of several things within the marketing program. The overhaul will start with the marketing team; evaluate what each of the team members has contributed to the marketing process and goal realization of the company.

This overhaul will help in reposition each team member in the categories they fit best and where they can deliver maximum results under strict deadlines. The marketing plan will be revised in reference to the profitability of other competitors, and carry out a new thorough SWOT analysis for the company. The marketing plan must put into consideration the need for a new product and new branding approach to ensure the company keeps afloat in the competitive industry.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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