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The paper “ Exploring Vietnam - a New Market for Nando’ s” is an actual variant of the research paper on business. Starting up any business investment in any new market and different geographical location often demand that the involved entrepreneur acquaints her/himself with all the relevant information regarding the same market. Nando’ s is one of the major leading stakeholders in the hotel and hospitality industry in America, Canada, and the major parts of the United Kingdom. The company intends to set up its operations in Vietnam. This report is thus a collection, analysis, and presentation of the existing market information in Vietnam.

It presents a report that has been carried out to establish the viability of Nando’ s intention; whether it is economically justified to invest in Vietnam. This research report is thus meant to exhaust all the potential opportunities, weaknesses, challenges that might face Nando’ s company should the company go ahead and implement its initial decision of establishing affiliate businesses in Vietnam. It basically serves as a reconnaissance study of the hotel and market industry of Vietnam and the potential outcomes of investing in such a market with such established characteristics as will later be presented in his research report. Nando’ s is a casual dining restaurant originally coming from Portuguese since 1987.

Currently, Nando’ s has restaurants in 24 countries, mainly Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, the US, and the UK. In 2013, within Australia, Nando’ s has 270 restaurants nationwide, 28 in New Zealand, and 2 in Fiji( ). Nando’ s has become famous for its flame-grilled chicken with its unique sauces. Surprisingly, Malaysia and Singapore are the only countries in South East Asia that have Nando’ s restaurants.

With a huge population of almost 93 million in 2014, Vietnam can be a potentially new and successful market for Nando’ s( ). This project will research and discuss Vietnam’ s market for the fast-food industry, especially Nando’ s. Operating a business in a foreign culture or environment often brings unique challenges and opportunities, this paper will discover, discuss and explore the difficulties that come along with operating the brand in such a promising international market- Viet Nam.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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