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Executive summaryWalsham Hotel endeavors to find new avenues to form and uphold competitive differentiation. In its strategic approach Information and technology play a key position. In order for Walshaw Hotel to excel it has come up with a program that can play multiple programs simultaneously. The program is supposed to create changes in business processes, operating models, product portfolios IT systems and target markets. As a result, the Hotel has introduced a program that necessitates a high degree of diligence expertise coordination to deliver the targeted business benefits. At Walshaw, IT-Enabled strategic plan will enable the management to plan and deliver the establishments plan coherently to increase efficacy, monitor the return on investments and to lucratively drive change. 1.0 Introduction1.1 Case BackgroundIn the contemporary society IT has become the back bone of every business.

In this perspective Walsham Hotel has initiated an IT enabled project much for strategic implementation of every day running of its business. The management of the hotel is keen on the implication, effects and benefits of IT in the running of the Hotel and the ability to create maintainable and sustainable competitive advantages.

The management of the Walsham hotel wanted to introduce a ZigBee network that would link up the mini-bar that would increase both the effectiveness and the good organization of the mini-bar department without any wiring network; they would then use an IT-enabled strategy known as Mechatronic KoolNitro 346 (KN346). Introduction of the new system would require a very large budget however it improve strategic management of the hotel. The change was also projected to improve sales and hence profits without lowering commodity prices and the quality of services provided by the hotel.

In fact one of the key issues addressed is improvement of service provision among efficiency and class. In keeping with David et al. (2005), IT-enable strategic plan of the hotel is used through the value chains of activities that enable Walsham Hotel to control function of the hotel’s operations for easy decision making. IT-enabled strategic plan implementation lays its ability to develop a concept “value chain” through creation of interdependent generic value activities involving the elements of finance, customer, stock, as well as strategic human resource management.

1.2 Aim and purpose of the reportThe aim and purpose of this report is to show how Walsham Hotel plans to implement KN346 system an IT-enabled strategic management plan. How the KN346 system would help Walsham Hotel to create linkage between all its activities through value chain. How the IT-enabled strategies will transform the value chain activities and the physical components of the products offer and also how the strategies will lower the cost of product activities. 2.0DiscussionThe first lesson learnt is that IT-enabled strategic plan is a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

The customer expectations in the premises are high, the system also include electronic amenities such as the indoor audio systems, televisions and internet connections. The achievement of competitive advantage is a primary goal in the hotels strategic management. The hotel has a five year cycle of redecoration and renovation of the hotel rooms a factor that will keep the standards of the premises to have a competitive advantage. Although price adjustments create a transitory competitive advantage, it hardly differentiates the competitive services.

In reference to David et al. (2005), IT-enabled strategic planning increase competitiveness, public relations, customer service, method of product delivery, calibre and employees dedication, marketing and social networking and product quality.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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