Essays on Hillingdon Electricals Ltd Development Perspectives Case Study

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The paper “ Hillingdon Electricals Ltd Development Perspectives ” is a well-turned example of the business case study. HEL is stated to be a retail organization, which is principally involved in dealing with a range of household and electronic products across the South-east region of England. The household and electronic products offered by the retail stores of the organization include home appliances such as home entertainment systems, washing machines along with Personal Computers (PCs), Tablets, and iPads among others. The policy of “ lowest prices anywhere” has significantly enabled HEL to successfully complete its ten years of experience in its target markets across the South-East region of England.

Moreover, building a strong relationship with its business partners along with enhancing its reputation has also facilitated HEL to obtain significant values within its operating areas. However, for the last two years, HEL has been experiencing a significant decline in its market shares due to the rising competition in the respective business industry along with the instability of the global economy. The consequences of significant losses incurred in the market share resulted in an increase in the target set for its retail stores through the implementation of a higher pricing strategy for its wide range of households and electronic products.

Moreover, the company has also been identified to implement higher promotional activities in order to refurbish the annual sales of its retail stores. The strategy of changing business policies or regulations was highly motivated the organization to cope with the potential challenges caused by the market competition and economic instabilities. Correspondingly, the case scenario of HEL demonstrates three major scenarios regarding the difficulties faced by the organization with respect to the legal regulations and policies.

The company has conducted a wide range of advertising programs through different media to publicize its newly developed pricing structure for the products offered by its retail outlets. According to the advertisement results, it has been observed that the newly built pricing structure has incorporated numerous issues associated with the price of each individual product that is significantly cheaper than other marketers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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