Essays on Urban Growth and Planning Coursework

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The paper "Urban Growth and Planning" is a good example of coursework on social science. Urbanization is fundamental as it influences significant development and growth in developing countries. In the late eighteenth century, the cities were sparsely populated. Around the twentieth century, the urban population escalated in a varied dimension because of the increase in the suburban population. Agriculture was the core source of income in rural areas, but the dwindling returns from the sales made farmers resort to the option of migrating to urban areas seeking salaried jobs.

Moreover, there were discriminatory policies that farmers detested. Rural-urban migration was facilitated by industrialization in the urban areas, inventions in technologies, enhanced transport, communication and the growth of the domestic market. People moved from rural areas to urban areas in search of employment opportunities and seeking better amenities such as health care, education, and other services. All this sparked an element of innovation and  The increased urban concentration and the population density had significant effects in the urban areas. Due to the sudden rise in population and lack of proper planning, various social, political and economic problems arose.

There was overcrowding, poor housing, poor sanitation and sewerage treatments, inadequate health facilities, pollution, increased crime rates, unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy (Levy, 2013). There were new demands were put in place by the city government in order to improve the living standards. The local government had to improve the housing, proper sanitation, more health facilities, reduce the crime rate by deploying more guards and improve education access (Levy, 2013). Construction of more affordable houses, provision of clean water, more hospitals with affordable services garbage collection served the people better.

Construction of more roads did make town accessible easier, hence saving more time.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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