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Essays on Hog's Breath Cafes - Marketing Models and Tactics, Online Shopping Trends, Hybrid Stores, and Competitive Strategies Case Study

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The paper “ Hog’ s Breath Cafes - Marketing Models and Tactics, Online Shopping Trends, Hybrid Stores, and Competitive Strategies" is an exciting example of a case study on marketing. Currently, consumers are gradually becoming inundated with several choices in the market. Apart from ever mushrooming product brands, consumers are increasingly getting exposed to diverse retail channels and formats. Examples of these include the development of speciality stores, departmental stores, catalogue retailers and online electronic shopping modes. These have been enhanced by the rapidly growing communication system and technological developments. In the list, online shopping shows a rapid development across the world.

Its significant can be seen as the influence it is impacting over tradition shopping modes (Alice & Bobby 2010, p. 211). In Australia, many most companies are forced to adopt online shopping system to meet their customers’ needs. As a result, some companies, which have not included online shopping in their marketing channel, are negatively affected by this situation. In the United States, over 70 million shoppers relied on the online channel by 2005. This trend is ever in a constant increase that it is expected that almost half of the population are online shoppers by now (Kotler1996, p. 251). Whiles some researchers believe that internet shopping will overhaul the traditional ‘ brick and mortar’ marketing channel, others propose that online shopping is another retail channel in the market.

Nevertheless, the rate at which online shopping is carried through and the consumer behaviour towards the new shopping trends raise an alarm over channel competition in the marketplace. The question that should worry many people is, “ What is the impact of electronic shopping over the traditional distribution.

The next quest is whether the two distributions will complement each other. The answers to these questions will be a pillar to players in this field in the lately challenging moments (Rosenbloom 2007, 112-123). This paper is focused on current market distribution across the world. The study was carried out through literature materials based on a case study of Hogs Breath Café in Australia. An industrial and company analysis was carried out to underscore the impact of consumers behavioural shift to online shopping to traditional distribution methods.

Consequently, the paper draws strategies of online marketing in cooperation in a traditional industry. It addresses the issues pertaining to the new channel management and evaluation. The study is aimed at building a strategic plan for incorporation of online shopping in a traditional company for competitive strength. Industry AnalysisHog’ s Breath Café is majors in the food industry. However, hogs as well as market training services in the food industry, salons, tourism and hospitality. It also provides entertainment services through musical products and tour services. In the market, there is stiff competition in food products and services.

However, Hogs has maintained the market leaders due to its knowledgeable staff and technological strength that enable it to produce quality products and diversify easily (Kotler1996, p. 251). ChallengesThere several challenges facing the industry today due to the dynamic nature of the food industry Stiff competitions from other more organized operators like Doughnut King. Dynamics of the food industry Regulations governing private operators Shortages of supplies especially in lean seasons High competition for highly skilled employees especially in the locals who can work effectively. Management of distribution channels The constant changes in shopping and purchasing behaviour in the industry.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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