Essays on Market Diversification Proposal for the Compact and Small Car Market in China Assignment

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The paper "Market Diversification Proposal for the Compact and Small Car Market in China" is a good example of an assignment on marketing. China became the world’ s largest automobile producer and market in 2009 with an annual sale of about 14 million vehicles. The market has continued to expand since 2010, hence the potential of purchasing power of small car customers. The Chinese automotive industry is estimated at the US $ 42 billion with exports contributing about 6% of the revenues (CAAM). The growth in the Chinese middle-class people, with increasing purchasing power, as well as the strong growth of the economy over the past years has attracted world-leading producers of small cars to the Chinese market.

Furthermore, Chinese offers trained manpower at favorable costs, making China a preferred global manufacturing hub (Auto Shanghai, 2011). The automobile industry globally is undergoing a facelift due to technological changes that are being experienced around the world, making each firm to embrace it to sustain its competitive edge and offer customers with modest car models. 2.0. Holden Barina Holden Barina has been fashioned in the versions of GM vehicles in 5 generations.

The foremost generation was MB Barina which was released in 1985 as a five-door hatchback; the second generation was MF Barina, a three-door hatchback and was launched in 1988 but was later trailed by introduction of MH Barina which upgraded version of MF Barina, with improved interior, newest front, and rear bumpers and advanced suspension (Holden Official Website). Later on, SB Barina, a third-generation was released in 1994 and provided both in Barina 3 Door and Barina 5 door with an engine capacity of 1200cc and 1400cc.

Seven years down the line, in 2001, the fourth generation was released, XC Barina. It was availed in both three and five hatchback models with an engine capacity of 1400cc. and a year later Sri model was launched with an engine capacity of 1800cc. According to Holden Official Website, the upgraded system and features in the fourth generation in 2001 made Barina earn recognition and was awarded the Wheels Car of the Year Award. This motivated the C. E.O of Holden to import higher-spec SXi three and five hatchback models, to increase the Barina sales.

However, the changes in the newest model did not advance sales in the market; hence it was reverted to previous models of Barina 3 and 5 door models. In late 2005, Holden rebadged the Daewoo Kalos hatchback to the fifth generation, TK Barina. This was meant to ensure Holden maintains its high competition in the fast-growing market of small cars in Australia. Still, the company made losses due to stiff competition from South Korea sourced models like the Hyundai Getz. The latest model, the fifth generation was released late year, 2011 in Melbourne and later launch of the sedan in early 2012.

The latest model, TM Barina has the same features of Barina Spark and its engine capacity is 1600cc.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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