Essays on Homelessness and an Increasing Unemployment in US Assignment

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Homelessness and Review Homelessness Introduction Homelessness is growing due to increasing unemployment in US[Qui01]. The previous draft highlighted this aggravating issue in detail. However, the argument developed during the previous attempt lacked empirical evidence. Homelessness is analyzed in the light of ethics during the course of this paper because this problem is majorly caused, due to inhuman behavior of people towards those who are suffering. On the other hand, my previous article emphasized the responsibility of government to take care of these homeless people because federal agencies only possess sufficient resources, which they can use to help these people.

At the same instance, American people are brought up in an environment, which hinges on self-sufficiency. Therefore, they do not tend to support suffering humanity. In parallel, Americans are of the view that government should help these homeless individuals. Racism is also playing its due role in worsening the condition of homelessness in the country because under the influence of this false idea, property owners are reluctant to rent their properties to African Americans. As a result, more than half of the homeless population in America is constituted with blacks[Qui01].

Therefore, it can be implied that the main cause of growing homelessness is racial discrimination. Thus, it is imperative for government to initiate public awareness moments supporting equality. Along with this, it should also provide economical residence facility for these people. At the same time, these homeless people are becoming increasingly agitated with their low-income levels; therefore, they are taking illegal and unethical ways to fulfill their needs. In this way, they are causing crime rate to increase in US. This observation highlights the importance of warranted governmental interventions in order to transform these homeless people into useful and active citizens. Notably, the role of unequal income distribution is also causing the phenomenon of homelessness to increase.

This trend of income discrimination is also stemming from inhuman concept of effort, which gives the right to live to only those, who are working and let others riot in the open. Instead of this kind of flawed thinking, a more people centric approach is needed to be implemented in US to extinguish the ever-growing fire of homelessness.

Presumably, government has the responsibility to relieve these homeless individuals. Nevertheless, in order to provide shelter to these people, government should impose home provision tax on US active workforce. Conclusion This paper viewed the phenomenon of homelessness in America and pointed out unemployment, lower income levels, unequal income distribution and racial discrimination as its active causes. However, the solution is identified as well, which is proactive governmental intervention towards uprooting the problem of homelessness in US. References Qui01:, (Quigley & Raphael, 2001), Review The article developed by my classmate is based on logical grounds, because it is really our duty to take good care of those who protected America in the past.

Along with excellent logic language, spelling and flow of the writing is also exceptional.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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