Essays on Homework 1: Interview Assignment

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Consumer’s Behavior Introduction Success in marketing can be achieved by being able to identify, understand and predict consumer behavior. Marketing begins with the needs of the consumer and ends with the satisfaction of the consumer’s needs; therefore, it is critical to have knowledge of consumer behavior (Bain, Harris & Murray 2014). Interview of two shoppers The two shoppers interviewed for the assignment had mixed reactions about their idea and drive to make purchases. The two shoppers each bought goods worth $200 dollars, though motivated by different factors. The first shopper bought goods just for the simple reason that the advertisement seen on commercials was a major motivation.

In essence, the first shopper had the mind already set to be bought. On the other hand, the second shopper had motivation coming from emotional tendencies in so far as branding is concerned. In essence, the second shopper bought items based on the fact that the brands of the products were too appealing very captivating hence the drive to make purchases. The two consumers associated nostalgia with positive attitudes and drive to buy the products based on the prevailing circumstances that included well-branded items not to mention the influence on decision making from other consumers.

The purchases that were made that could easily be associated with nostalgia have all to do with positive and emotional attitudes towards a given a product. From needs to the effects of advertisement, the essence of nostalgia is enhanced to the extent that it makes it possible to make the purchases. The different brands of items bought by the two shoppers were elicited by the action-oriented tendencies from the different brands.

Of all the products bought by the consumers, nostalgia was a major drive and to this extent the inherent elements of motivation and emotions played a major part in ensuring drive to make purchases (Austin, 2007). Advertisements and brands that evoke nostalgia First advertisement The advertisement on burgers creates nostalgia to a great extent. Case in point is that the ingredients used for making the burger evoke a feeling of wanting to have the burger in an instant. On the other hand, the photo illustration depicts a delicious burger that can ordinarily make a consumer think positively about having the burger as a meal. Second advertisement The second advertisement provides a number of issues over which nostalgic emotions can be raised.

For anyone with a skin problem, the lotion as depicted in the advertisement would make the cream the most positive option to explore. In this sense, anyone with skin problem or wrinkled skin would find the product to be very accommodating; hence, the nostalgic tendencies. Third advertisement The brand for first foods, potatoes elicits nostalgic tendencies to a greater extent.

Case in point is that by just looking at the advertisement, one would feel as though having the meal or the snack is the most appropriate option. A mere look at the advertisement makes one want to have the meal in an instant as it appears to be delicious and well prepared thus enhancing nostalgia. Conclusion Consumer behavior is important in the business of marketing. It is comprised of, how the consumer perceives the advertisement, the attitude formed, factors that influence the decision to purchase, how they use and dispose the products and services and the advertisements should be able to retrieve some good memory.

Being able to provide what the consumer wants and satisfying his/her needs affects the consumer behavior. Some of the factors that tend to predict the consumer behaviors include: indicating the benefits of the product, social justice offered by the company such as taking care of the delivery, offering warrant amongst others. The marketer is in a good position to govern the consumer behavior if he/she understands the customers need well. References: Austin, L. M. (2007). Nostalgia in transition, 1780-1917. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press. Bain, B.; Harris, E.

& Murray, K. (2014). "Consumer Behavior ". CB (Canadian Ed). Toronto, Ont: Nelson. Advertisement and brand images retrieved from: < https: //www. google. com/search? tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=71ZzU_DDqrQ7AbD4IDoDg&ved=0CDAQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=650&q=ads%20that%20evoke%20nostalgia>

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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