Essays on The Role of the Government in Serving Citizens in 1900-1916 Assignment

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The paper "The Role of the Government in Serving Citizens in 1900-1916" is a worthy example of an assignment on history. The progressive era (1900-1916) was marked with shifts in people’ s attitudes, which delineated the role of the government in serving citizens. Theodore Roosevelt, a famous, tough and youthful man during his reign, stretched the President’ s power halting Congress rule after many years. He championed for better standards of living for laborers and ensured transparent and fair elections, unlike his predecessors. Contrary to the opinion of Populists and certain Progressives, Theodore viewed giant corporations as essential despite the fact that they promoted economic inequality by making a few people gain more economic power than others.

His attitude was that government power was major for winning trust. Wilson earned the name “ the reluctant progressive” when he frequently blocked or declined to endorse any more progressive reforms claiming his government would never entertain “ special privileges to none” . It is through his failure to steer more progressive reforms during his reign that he handed him the name “ the reluctant progressive. ” Wilson might not be in the minds of many Americans, but he occupies a sure position in the great Presidents’ pantheon.

This claim is indeed true. Wilson left America a legacy that would live beyond his lifetime. Despite the fact that he left the White House a bit messed, he changed the fundamental objective of the foreign policy of America transitioning it from isolation to internationalism. Wilson’ s prowess in forming a reform party coupled with his knack to direct and marshal public opinion significantly influenced successive presidency. His transitional importance as a leader during his reign makes him stand tall among great presidents of the nation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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