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The paper "The Importance of T-shaped Professionals" is a wonderful example of an assignment on human resources.   While studying, students are equipped with knowledge and skills that enable them to analyze ideas from their professionals and other disciplines as well. These people are referred to as T-shaped professionals because they are able to solve problems related to their field of work and can also interact well with specialists from other disciplines different from theirs (Ferguson 24). The idea behind collaborating with other professionals is to create service innovations. T-shaped professionals have skills that enable them to communicate with other professionals such as engineers, managers, designers and others who are involved in the service systems.

It is not an easy task for members from different faculties to work together in harmony. In many organizations, individuals with T-shaped skills merge because they have the willingness to be more innovative than required by their marginal careers. The T-shaped professional concept is quite practical in the engineering career (Ferguson 26). Some of the skills that can be applied in the horizontal arm include interpersonal skills such as the ability to communicate effectively with others who are not necessarily in the same profession, and listening to ideas raised by others.

Being in a position to apply all the acquired knowledge to various situations also comprises the components of the T’ s horizontal arm as skills represented in the T’ s horizontal arm are common across different fields. The T’ s vertical arm comprises of functional skills that are applicable to a specific profession or job position in industrial engineering of a specific organization (Ferguson 28). Some of these skills include the ability to interpret and disintegrate information related to industrial engineering or specializing in a particular field such as production engineering.

It represents the skills that are unique to a particular job.   My dream job is to be an industrial engineer, especially in the manufacturing industry. This is despite the fact that the employment rate for industrial engineers is relatively low across the globe compared to other professions (Ferguson 31). Industrial engineers determine effective methods for the use of machines, employees, materials, and information in factories, offices, and other settings.

Their main aim is to increase productivity through the effective use of human resources and technology in the running of the business. Most of the times industrial engineers are promoted to management positions because their work is related to management. They are involved in the evaluation of production requirements and designing manufacturing systems to meet the requirements (Ferguson 13). They are also involved in the creation of control systems for management such as analysis of cost and financial planning. The production planning created by the industrial engineer ensures the quality of products.

In addition, industrial engineers are involved in developing job evaluation systems and salary administration. I intend to be specialized in the maintenance and installation of machines involved in the production of products such as beverages. I would be involved in the development of the existing equipment as well as the innovation of new and advanced equipment in the production of beverages. The responsibilities in my dream engineer job include determining the standards and setting quality and reliability objectives for the finished products. I will also be providing recommendations for the appropriate use of materials and personnel.

It will also be my responsibility to develop manufacturing methods and cost analysis procedures. Other activities that will be included in my dream job include determining the requirements for manufacturing processes and fulfilling the staff requirements. It would also be my responsibility to ensure that system components conform to the given engineering design and other specifications as may be given by the concerned engineers (Ferguson 29). All the various aspects of production will also be coordinated and monitored under my supervision to ensure that machines remain functional and relevant to their applications.

After my graduation in mechanical engineering, I expect to work for a beverage company where I will apply all my theoretical and practical skills. Two years after my graduation, I expect to have gained enough ground so as to understand all the operations of industrial equipment involved in the production of beverages. It is my intention that with the on-the-job experience I will be a senior supervisor in the engineering department. It is while in that position that I intend to further my studies by enrolling in some administrative courses such as an MBA.

This will be vital in preparing me for future endeavors in my industrial engineering career where I intend to hold management positions. With more qualifications in administration, I expect to be a senior manager in the industrial engineering department where I will have the overall responsibility in the operation of equipment in the engineering department of the beverage production company that I will be working for. According to the state of the earth report of 2010 as found in the national geographic website, one of the most striking statistics that are relevant to my place of birth, Kuwait, is that the world has become a place of connected consumers despite the existence of economic worries.

Consumers of particular products, end up finding out more about consumers of other products.  


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