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Changing Trends As times change, trends change and people change in terms of the manner they do things, their behavior, consumption of beliefs and ideologies on particular things. Two such issues include homosexuality and diet and lifestyle during pregnancy. These two issues have changed over time in relation to changing trends, technology and ways of doing things. In terms of homosexuality, the acceptance of homosexuals in the society has increased as opposed to some decades ago when it was considered an unacceptable behavior. In fact, a report from a New York Times article shows that support for same sex marriages have now exceeded the opposition to them.

For example, the article states that eight national polls done in 2013 showed that 51 percent of respondents responded that they supported same sex marriages while 43 percent opposed it. These figures support the fact that the opinion towards same sex marriages or homosexuality has significantly changed in current times from complete disapproval to acceptance. The changing trend is likely to change even further towards acceptance judging by the changes that have occurred over time.

This will affect several services that include medical services, and services that are given to married couples, for instance adoption services and wedding services because they have to be tailored to fit the same sex marriages (Silver). Diet and lifestyle during pregnancy has also changed. Pregnancy is an exciting as well as a stressing time for most people because it makes them feel happy as well as anxious when waiting for the baby. Many women have become knowledgeable of factors and practices that might negatively affect them during pregnancy.

However, this has not contributed to the change in their lifestyle and diet during this time. Today, most pregnant women do not eat healthy. Instead, the numbers of women consuming an unhealthy diet that has too much fat, calories and alcohol among other things and could be harmful to the unborn baby is increasing. In addition, most women consume alcohol when pregnant even though they know this could be dangerous for the unborn baby. Most women do not exercise to keep themselves and the unborn baby healthy. In the past, most people were not knowledgeable about issues that can affect pregnancy as they are today and but still did exercises and ate well.

This requires a change that will be helpful to pregnant women. This trend affects healthcare delivery at the prenatal level because many women do not focus on health habits that can keep them healthy (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). These changes in trends call for new services because they present new opportunities. For gays, a new service. For homosexuality/same sex marriages, a new service will be establishing a healthcare service that gives attention to homosexuals who do not want publicity.

In the past, some homosexual individuals have had difficulties in accessing medical services because they fear being discriminated upon. Therefore, the new service will target these individuals. The main function of this service will be to provide quality healthcare services for individuals in same sex marriages or for homosexual individuals who want to keep their status private. This service will only be provided upon request of an individual and will be dedicated only to such individuals The service will be put in all government hospitals and private hospitals that agree to host this service.

To access the service, an individual will have to make a call to numbers that will be provided and make an appointment with a doctor. This will help to keep the privacy of an individual. All the services that the patient seeks from the doctors will be kept confidential. For pregnant women, a new service will be a diet and exercise advice center. This center will be dedicated towards providing expectant women with advice on a healthy diet that they are supposed to observe throughout the pregnancy period and also the exercises that they can do to keep their bodies fit and also keep the baby healthy without injuring them when doing the exercises.

This will be important because research has proven that a proper diet and regular exercising helps expectant women to be healthy and ensure that their unborn babies are safe. This service will be open to all pregnant women at a fee that will cater for teaching materials and other things that will be required for use in providing this service.

The service will mostly target women in their early stages of pregnancy because the first months of the pregnancy are the best months to start the program so that the women learn early and continue with the program up to the time when they are ready to give birth. The program will be significant for the lives of expectant women and unborn babies. Works Cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking Among Women of Childbearing Age — United States, 2006–2010." http: //www. cdc. gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6128a4.htm? s_cid=mm6128a4_x.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012. Web. 16 Feb. 2015. Silver, Nate. "How Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage Is Changing, and What It Means. " N. p., 2013. Web. .

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