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The paper "Honda and Tactical Integrated Marketing Plan" is a great example of a Marketing Business Plan. The Honda Motor Company was first started in Japan making it a Japanese public and multinational corporation. Since the year 1959, Honda has been the biggest manufacture of a motorcycle in the whole world. It has also been ranked as the largest manufacturer of the internal combustion engines in terms of the volume because it produces over 14million each year of the internal combustion engines. In the year 2001 it suppressed the Nissan to be ranked as the second largest automobile manufacturer in Japan and in August 2008 it also suppressed the Chrysler in the United States to become the fourth largest manufacturer o the automobile.

Honda is also the sixth manufacturer of automobile in the whole world. Vision statement: The power of dreams Mission statement: maintain a viewpoint that is global and dedicated to the supply of products of the greatest quality but at a reasonable price for the purpose of worldwide satisfaction of the customers Objectives: Maintaining a lead in the production To fully satisfy all customers need To offer products at an affordable price To be of great help to the community To ensure all the waste products are environmentally friendly Environmental (internal & external) analysis and relate it to Honda International Internal marketing environment This answers the question of the number of resources that are available for the business (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007).

Some of the resources that the audit is designed to investigate include the following. finances or money, the men or labor, equipment or machinery, time, the materials or all the production factors, the degree of organization of the marketing team, the efficiency of the marketing team, the effectiveness of the team in the marketing department.

The interference that is caused by the marketing team as far as the internal functions of the organization is concerned. The effectiveness of the team to the consumers and the state of the companies planning process and its accuracy. It enables the current state of the new development of products and their portfolio to be known. It answers the question of if the pricing is the right one, the efficiency, and effectiveness of distribution, and if the marketing communication is right.

Finally, it answers the question of if the company is having the right people in the job and if they are using the right process to face the customers (Finlay, 2000). All of the above enables the physical evidence of any car business to be seen. Strengths: Participation in the community is a major strengthening. Social clubs in which the company has been part and parcel of has enabled it to reach out to so many members of the community. It is widely known to support as many talents as possible in the community during community contests e. g.

sports, cultural activities aim at cultural awareness among others. It is also known to support sports in that it sponsors many clubs as well as encouraging the youth to participate in local sports like handball, football, marathons, camel and horse races. All this aims at increasing its popularity with the community members and also winning of the customer's trust, hence increasing trust


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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