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Essays on Honda - Past Performance, Strategic Marketing Plan, Hybrid Automobiles, Affect of Corporate Stakeholders and Resources on Hondas Operations Case Study

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The paper “ Honda - Past Performance, Strategic Marketing Plan, Hybrid Automobiles, Affect of Corporate Stakeholders and Resources on Honda’ s Operations" is an inspiring example of a case study on marketing. Honda Motor Company is a Japanese Multinational which majors in Cars, Motorcycles, sport utility vehicle (SUVs), Scooters, Electrical generators, All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), Lawn and garden equipment, Tillers, Kei car, Kei truck, Water pumps, Robotics, Jet aircraft, and Jet engines among others. The Honda motor company has been rated as the major motorcycle manufacturer in the world since 1959, in addition to being the leading internal combustion engine manufacturer in terms of volume, “ manufacturing above 14 million internal combustion engines every year” .

In 2001, Honda was named the second-biggest Japanese automobile producer. “ In 2011 Honda was the eighth leading car producer globally behind General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen Group, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai Motor Group, and PSA” .Honda Organizational StructureThe Honda Company uses the matrix organizational structure. This kind of structure is dynamic since it enables different organizations' facets to be combined together. For instance: the arrangement of environmental factors. From the chart, “ Honda Company favors geographically delineated divisions with the operating units being locally marketed, because of dedicated local understanding of customers” .

Altogether, it could still want overall product division in charge of the global coordination of product manufacturing and development while taking advantage of specialization and economies of scale. For instance, the Asia region experiences numerous air pollution challenges. Honda’ s organization tends to be centralized, with numerous levels of management that manage the organization by upholding a high degree of authority; that is the power of decision making relating to business undertakings. Honda emphasizes top-down management, in which top managers communicate information to the middle managers who pass it to the first-level managers.

It is the first level managers who instruct staff on what is expected of them. Honda is a formal organization too with rules and policies written out and implemented together with regulations. These rules and policies are implemented within the organization and are to be adhered to by every worker regardless of their status within the organization. This structural transformation is a component of Honda’ s continuous attempt to build up the core attributes that makes Honda exceptional, and its aim is to keep on creating and improve technologies and brands that are distinctive to Honda, that in turn will allow Honda to keep on being an organization that society wishes to exist. PerformancePerformance is a necessity in a fast-changing market.

In the current demanding automobile market, with so several different car manufacturers, which one would you settle for? With the increasing demand for prevailing fuel-effective cars that do not cost much money, just one name shows up. This corporation is a Honda motor company.

Honda's attempt to realize a competitive advantage by means of strategy implementation has helped enhance company performance. Honda has expended all levels of the organization in recent years. Sales have increased in automobiles, motorcycles and power products. Honda has challenged itself to expand its organization towards the future with its manufacture of robots and innovative devices and they satisfied that promise. It not only demonstrates exceptional performance ability, but it also costs much less compared to its competitors. In addition, “ all Honda vehicles are Low Emissions Vehicles or Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles” . 

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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