Essays on Hong Kong as a Tourist Destination, Priority Market Targets, and Processes of Destination Choices Case Study

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The paper “ Hong Kong as a Tourist Destination, Priority Market Targets, and Processes of Destination Choices” is an intriguing variant of case study on tourism. This report aims to identify a tourist destination in the Asia Pacific region and find the name of the official government endorsed destination marketing organization of the destination. Hong Kong has been chosen as the destination and its tourism board, Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKBT) official website used to gather information and statistics on its marketing strategy. The Work Plan has provided pertinent aspects about the aims of this study which included; priority target markets, tourist arrivals, tourist attractions, marketing strategy and others issues which have been discussed at length in this report.

This report has also highlighted the challenges Hong Kong is facing as an attractive destination in the inevitable and healthy competition from other Asia- Pacific destinations, of note are Macau, Mainland China, Japan and Taiwan and indeed the manner in which HKBT has developed strategies to maintain Hong Kong as a destination of choice for travelers which this report has highlighted. Hong Kong has been described as the premier destination for various tourism forms.

It is actually one of Asia’ s top tourism destinations. It has a unique blend of Eastern and Western lifestyles as well as the ancients and modern ways of life thus drawing large numbers who tourists wishing to experience the rich cultural heritage that the destination boasts of. The tourism industry is not only vocationally inclined but also attracts large number of individuals who attend meetings, Incentives, Conventions and exhibitions (MICE). There has been a generally increase in visitor arrival and growth in the tourism industry within Hong Kong.

This growth can be attributed to proper marketing strategies as per the work plan laid down by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) mandated to market Hong Kong as a premier global tourism destination (Top Tourist Destination, 2012). Most tourism destinations have exemplarily developed due to proper work plans and marketing strategies. Usually, Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) are set up to promote targeted tourism destinations across the globe. This has over the years proved fruitful from the observed growth in the Tourist Destinations that have implemented this strategy.

In fact, nearly all the famous world tourism destinations have embraced this strategy hence the current growth in this industry. Hong Kong as a major tourist destination In Asia has not been left out. Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) was set up to solely market Hong Kong globally as a premier tourist destination. The Work Plan not only gives more information regarding Hong Kong with regards to the number of visitors annually and the challenges facing this industry but also some recommendations to overcome these challenges.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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