Essays on Satisfying the Growing Demand for Take-out Service and Branded Products Assignment

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The paper 'Satisfying the Growing Demand for Take-out Service and Branded Products  " is a great example of a marketing assignment.   A company is able to attain real competitive advantage if it’ s able to satisfy the needs of its customers in a more effective manner than the other players in the industry. This implies the addition of real value for customers. With the increased demand for taking out service, the marketers should ensure that they communicate the right message to the customers as per their expectations. Meeting the customer’ s expectations and satisfaction should be a goal for every business. In order to gain a competitive edge, marketers need to emphasize the speed of the take out service.

Most consumers in this fast-moving world are always on the move and would prefer a service that saves them time. By pointing out the speed of the takeout service to customers, there is a high possibility of the restaurant attracting more customers who are in need of speedy services. Since there are other competitors who are also in this business of taking out services, it is important to differentiate the services through proper attractive and better packaging than the competitors.

With better-looking packages that are more durable or attractive, customers are more likely to prefer that hence attracting more customers. This gives the business a competitive edge over its competitors with the same services but less attractive or not so good packaging. Marketers can also take into consideration the convenience of the take out service. Most customers would prefer to visit a restaurant where they will be less inconvenienced in terms of time or paying methods. In the modern-day, the markets have become too competitive requiring each business to have in place appropriate strategies in order to have an upper hand.

This competition has, on the other hand, gifted the customers with more bargaining power as they can switch from different outlets at will. In response to this, it is important for marketers to develop and maintain long-term relationships with customers through the creation of superior customer value and satisfaction. Why many people are willing to pay more for branded products than for unbranded products. What does this tell you about the value of branding? When an individual or customer purchases a branded product, they tend to be driven by a promise or a standard that the business or the brand has established and maintained hence bringing about a reputation as perceived by the customers.

Brands again have consistency, hence a specific customer has particular expectations with regard to a brand as they know exactly what they will be getting from a particular brand. Branding is paramount to any business since it has the power to affect large scale perception in a good or bad way.

This implies that each and every individual customer interaction is extended since they tend to have an opinion about the brand every other time after their first interaction. Customers organize their knowledge regarding different products and services using mental structures, hence through branding the brand could be the first thing in the mind of the customer when thinking about a particular product or service.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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