Essays on Hospitality Business Plan for Gouger Chinese Dessert Shop Case Study

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The paper "Hospitality Business Plan for Gouger Chinese Dessert Shop" is a perfect example of a case study on business. This hospitality business plan is for the proposed Gouger Chinese dessert shop to be located in Chinatown on Gouger Street, Adelaide city in South Australia. Gouger Chinese dessert shop is a newly envisioned Oriental-style restaurant that will offer a variety of Chinese desserts (sweet food and dishes served with tea, meals or after meals. Gouger Chinese dessert shop will be the only restaurant in this region to embrace the new tantalizing concept of a dessert-only restaurant.

This would be a fun idea especially for adult clients who would get a chance to fulfill their childhood fantasy of skipping real meals by having straight desserts. The dessert shop would also be an addition to typical restaurants struggling with tight seating schedules and make customers rush from appetizers to settling the bill. The restaurant will offer a variety of dessert-tasting menus that would come with food, wines, and teas. The desserts will be prepared to use a variety of ingredients characteristic of East Asian cuisines.

These would include such ingredients as whole or powdered glutinous rice, agar, and sweet bean pastes. The culinary masterpieces would also be prepared before the customer’ s eyes.   Gouger Chinese dessert shop will be located on Gouger Street in Adelaide city, Chinatown in South Australia. Gouger Street is strategically located in proximity to the Adelaide Central Markets and is reputed for its high-end international restaurants, dessert shops, and cafes. The cuisines range from Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Italian, Argentinean, to French. This location will be great for the new Gouger Chinese dessert shop considering that it is always a hive of activity having distinct Asian flavor.

The location of the new dessert shop is also precisely because of the guaranteed ample supplies of ingredients, fresh fruits, and vegetables from the nearby Adelaide Central Markets. The menu shall include such desserts as steamed egg custard, almond jelly with Mandarin oranges, sugared tomatoes, Chinese mung bean dessert, Chinese steamed apple pears, banana spring rolls, kluay buad chee (bananas in coconut milk), creamy lychee jelly, and creamy green tea jelly. The shop shall incorporate the best in Chinese Australian fair.   Gouger Chinese dessert shop envisions creating a new niche in the Australian restaurant industry and increase sales in excess of $150,000 over three years.

Significant increases in sales are expected to begin in the second year, approximately 50%. Through much focus on the product and service quality, Gouger Chinese dessert shop would strive to establish itself as the destination of choice in terms of desserts in Chinatown Adelaide, and maintain a gross margin of 80 percent by Year 3. More competitive advantage will be sought through catered and take out deserts.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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