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The paper 'Hyatt Regency Adelaide Hotel - the Wastages in Food and Beverage Section" is a good example of a management case study. While working in Hyatt Regency Adelaide Hotel some huge amounts of wastages are found in the processing of the hotel this paper is all about analyzing those problems that are leading to this wastages and to find some solutions for them. There are recommendations made in order to prevent these wastages and to give the hotel the proper profit margin. 1.1 Aim The aim of this report is to find out all those factors that are leading to the wastages in the Food and Beverage section.

This report also makes a keen analysis of the cost of wasting and over-budget assessments. 1.2 Authorisation This report is authorised by Brian Rungie. 1.3 Sources of information Internet, as reference Text, as reference 1.4 Background Property Description The Hyatt Regency Adelaide Hotel is situated in one of the city’ s finest locations, on the picturesque River Torrens. It gives Adelaide’ s spectacular new Riverbank promenade. The Hyatt Regency Adelaide Hotel is adjacent to the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Casino and the Festival Centre, making it the most happening place.

Adelaide Airport is just a 15-minute drive from our hotel in Adelaide, Australia. This hotel offers world-class 24 hours of services to its visitors. Entertainment floors like Restaurant and Park Lounge are kept open till late in weekends. Customers The main sources of customers of Hyatt Regency Adelaide Hotel are from worldwide places. There are also frequent visits made by the corporate world for exclusive meetings and conferences, increasing the hotel occupancy rate. 2.0  Finding As being a part of the hospitality industry the realisation related to the wastage problem comes up very clear.

As it is the vital cause of affecting the profit of the Hotel it needs to be handled very efficiently. These wastages as has been discovered are in sections of food, beverage and labour. 2.1 Food wastage Food wastage is the most common problem of food and beverage operation. In Hyatt Regency Adelaide Hotel the inappropriate portion size and the inaccurate population forecast contribute a negative effect to cost control. 2.1.1 Portion size The food and beverage outlet of Hyatt Regency Adelaide Hotel is handled and the portion size and the number of ingredients are all decided by the chef.

The difficulty in keeping the track of daily consumption leads to the oversize food service, and as such, there remains no scope for proper calculation. Raw ingredients too are the factors for food wastage. This happens as the chef trims the low-quality ingredients while serving the food to the customer. 2.1.2 Forecast of population The forecast as to when made regarding the numbers of guest that arrives in the hotel is not always accurate. This forecasting often fails, especially during the 50/50 service in the catering department.

Added to this there are special cases and special dietary requirements from the particular guest. These special orders make the forecast irrelevant. In order to maintain hygiene and good quality, it is not possible to reserve all the surplus food. This too is a cause that leads to serious wastages of food. 2.2 Beverage wastage Alcohol and non-alcohol drinks comprise to be the beverage section. As beverages are usually higher in price than the food items a check in its wastage can give the hotel a considerable cost control.

This is something that needs to be paid attention to in the matter related to the food and beverage outlet.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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