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Hotel management Qn1 Most properties use swipe and proximity cards, hardware locks and electronic locks (Craighead 287). Swipe and proximity, and electronic cards are mostly installed in business offices where only specific authorized persons such as employees are allowed. Hardware locks are mostly used in buildings with few attendants. Qn2 It is apparent that the overall importance of key card control is to offer security of properties. A lodging property requires key card control to prevent forced entry. Using key card acts as an effective and efficient method for safeguarding cards previously used as well as ensuring that only current guests are admitted.

Qn3 Electronic and computer locking systems have greatly changed transformed the nature of key control. For instance, codes can be used for every guest during their stay thus reducing the possibility of theft and unauthorized entry (Craighead 287). In addition, after the guest leaves the lodge, they his code can be deleted to avoid the guest from using the room without permission. Qn4 Primary functions of patrolling entail having observational checks that help in detecting potential criminal activities. It also helps in keeping criminals away since they fear being caught in the process of patrolling.

Patrolling is important part of surveillance because it can lead to identification of a potential crime taking place. In addition, patrolling increases the confidence of people visiting the property or a particular area. Qn5 First, any person that has not been booked as a guest in a hotel and tries to enter one of the rooms becomes unauthorized person. Second, even if a previous guest had been authorized to stay in the hotel, if the same guest returns and tries to enter in his previous room without a renewal of his stay, then such a guest is also considered as unauthorized person.

Qn6 Bearing in mind that the hotel industry is one of the most vulnerable place for illegal activities to take place, a number of problems are likely to occur particularly when there is manufacture of illegal drugs in guest rooms. To begin with, the security of the hotel is automatically put on the line because there immediately emerges more attractive to criminals in that crime and other relate fields.

Moreover, the security of the surrounding community is also put to risk. Qn7 Apparently, the use of safe deposit boxes in hotels ensures that guest checking in have the opportunity to keep their valuables in safe places particularly during their stay in the hotel. However, the issuance of safe deposit box receipt may cause challenges because the hotel may not be able to determine what had been placed in the safe in case of any complaint, while the hotel may be compelled to open the safe incase the guest leaves without notice thus ignoring the importance of a receipt.

As such, most hotels use agreement cards in place of receipts. Qn8 The key control and access procedures used in safe deposit boxes include providing a protected area for the guest where entry should be via key or code activated lock device. Moreover, the guest should be provided the necessary liability estimations and documentation in form of an agreement card for proper completion of the task. Qn9 Essentially, hotel industry should be one of the many industries that adhere to professionalism.

In light of this, it is crucial that the lost and found function plays a huge role in the welfare of potential clients in relation to monitoring and tracing their items should be assigned to one department for efficiency and proper monitoring of their valuable even with the shortest period of their stay in the hotel.

Qn10 As a matter of fact, guests have the right to give their comments on security measures before, during and after their stay. In this regard, some guests may suggest that the number of entrances in a hotel be reduced to facilitate easy monitoring, others may suggest that surveillance be directed from the registration office to their rooms thus ensuring that there is thorough scrutiny of each person.

In addition, others may be of the view that there should be control of traffic that comes in and leaves the hotels. Works cited: Craighead, Geoff. High-rise security and fire life safety. Amsterdam; Boston: Butterworth- Heinemann/Elsevier, 2009. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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