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Hotel Management Review Questions Chapter What is an example of “Avoidance” in risk management strategy? “Avoidance” in risk management refers to the technique employed to reduce the chances of a risk happening, thus is often one of the most effective approaches for risk management. For example, when a hotel faces the risk of being late in preparing hotel budget because of lack of experience in budget preparation, it can hire a consulting expert with vast expertise in hotel budget preparation. Therefore, bringing in a professional in budget preparation will be an “avoidance” technique for possible lateness in budget preparation. Factors that might create or increase the chance of a loss are known as? The factors that create or amplify the probability of risk occurrence are referred to as risk factors. In 2010, a flood closed a Resort in Nashville which caused over 200 million in damages.

Which Resort was it? The Gaylord Opryland Resort is the name of the resort that was closed by the 2010 Nashville flood and whose damages were estimated to be over 200 million after the floods. Chapter 2 When are punitive damages awarded? Punitive damages, also called exemplary damages, are those damages paid beyond the actual loss suffered by the plaintiff or the injured and are usually intended to punish the defendant for an outrageous act in a civil lawsuit.

Punitive damages are awarded in private civil lawsuits when the jury establishes that the defendant is guilty of an outrageous offence, which caused loss to the plaintiff. What is a hotels obligation to protect its guests? Hotels have some duties and liabilities to their guests imposed on them by the law. When a person visits a hotel as a guest, there exists a contractual relationship between the hotel and the guest.

The hotel proprietor has the responsibility to ensure due care for the safety of the guest. The hotel proprietor has the duty to provide reasonable care for the hotel’s guests and to shield them from harm that might be caused by reasonably foreseeable risks. The breach of duty of care to the guest by the hotel might lead to breach of duty of care or negligence. However, the hotel is not held liable for all the injuries that the guests may sustain under the hotel premises.

The law limits the liability of the hotel to his guests to foreseeable risks, thus hidden perils do not hold in case of guests’ injuries from unforeseeable perils. Key Terms Respondeat Superior: A Latin phrase meaning "let the master answer. " It is a legal doctrine, which holds employers responsible for their employees’ actions, provided the employees acted within the course of their employment. Res ipsa Loquitur: A Latin expression that means "the thing speaks for itself. " In tort law, this doctrine emphasize that there is no need for additional evidence and that the case facts are sufficient for finding liability. Summary judgment: This is a procedural device that helps to get rid of a case promptly and expeditiously without reaching trial phase in a civil litigation.

It is usually founded on a motion by one of the parties to a case challenging that case factual issues have already been resolved, thus no need for trial. Directed verdict: This is a procedural device in which a judge takes a way the judgment in a case from the jury’s hands.

The presiding judge orders the jury to return a particular decision. Appeal: This refers to an application to a higher court in the legal hierarchy requesting for a decision by a lower court to be reversed. When might a hotel be held liable for injuries a guest receives at the hands of another guest? If a guest is injured by an intoxicated guest, he or she might sue the hotel if the hotel created the risk through serving alcohol. Hotels may also be held accountable if it can be established that a personal injury of a guest by another guest’s criminal act occurred because of negligence on the part of the hotel. Typically, what must a hotel do to limit its liability for the loss of a guest’s valuables?

In order to limit its liability for loss of valuables of a guest, a hotel can post notices conspicuous in nature instructing guests to deposit their valuables worth a given range, for example from $200-$600, in the safe of the hotel. Which term refers to a “transfer of property? ” Ownership title: a property is deemed to have been transferred from the transferor to the transferee when ownership tile is conveyed to the latter upon completion of payment for the property or in accordance with the provisions in a will in case of inheritance.

If a hotel agrees to forward a guest’s mail, what should the hotel tell the guest? The hotel should inform the guest that it will not take any responsibility for non-delivery of the mail if the mail does not reach the intended target of if it gets into the wrong hands so as to minimize the chances of being held liable for any probable loss that might result from the incident.

Chapter 3 Who is responsible for providing supervision of a contract security employee? -The contractor. Why should a hotel review its security procedures? To enable the hotel to ensure that the security procedures remain relevant and covers emerging security concerns. What are the advantages of having a good relationship with local laws? It reduces friction with local authorities and also reduces costs in terms of legal expenses. Requiring security employees pepper spray is a good or bad idea? It is a good idea.

Security employees need to arm themselves against possible attack. What topics does the security training program cover? Role of the security officer, public relation, emergency handling, legal authorities and limitations and access control A property’s security standards and procedures should be? -Comprehensive and clear. Electronic locking systems have been helpful in reducing? Electronic locking systems have helped to reduce unsubstantiated guestroom theft claims as well as the frequency of liability claims in hotels. What is the purpose of a secondary access limiting device? The purpose of this device is to prevent unauthorized access or entry into the hotel property. Silent, local, contact, remote what do these four alarm systems do? These alarm systems prevent any intrusion by unauthorized person by sending signals to the central station so that appropriate action can be taken. Chap 4 What is the best way of controlling emergency keys? -By putting the keys in accessible places. What are the primary functions of security patrol? Prevent crime from happening, identifying and reporting incidents to the police. What should management do if there is evidence that the room was used for the manufacturing of illegal drugs? Report the case to the police. Whose responsibility is it to develop and monitor safe-deposit procedures? The hotel management Who should be allowed to place items into or remove them from a guest room safe or deposit box? The innkeeper What should a property do with lost and found items that are valuable? Keep it and wait for the owner to claim it. Chap 5 What type of sprinkler systems do most hotels use? Glass bulb type What type of fire extinguisher (Class A, B, C, or D) is recommended for ordinary combustibles such as wood, rubber, paper…etc? Class A Hot water through a shower head in guestrooms should not exceed what temperature? 125° F (51.66° C) Are outbreaks of foodborne illness in Hotels common? No.

How are bed bugs removed and how do they appear at a hotel? -By spraying them with insecticide. They appear because of untidiness. What are the differences between potable, grey, and mineralized water? Portable water can be carried around, gray water is that from springs and mineralized water has some essential minerals added to it. Chap 6 A parcel pass system will likely include a list of what? A list of items contained in the parcel. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 prohibits all private employers from using lie detectors for hiring except for which positions?

-Security jobs and drugs investigation What are good policies for asset protection of the property? -Those that cover the asset from all probable risks. According to the ADA, employment cannot be denied to whom and under what conditions? People with disabilities cannot be denied jobs in discriminatory manner. What is a processing theft? Theft that has not already occurred but is bound to happen. Eliminating pilferage in alcohol service can be accomplished best by? -Setting strict control measures and policies. What’s involved in ongoing; actual – perpetual; physical – and estimated; accurate inventories? -Financial policies.

What should a housekeeper do if she finds a guest key card in the room that’s been checked out? Report the incident to the concerned party. What are the best procedures to discourage employee theft of hotel property? -Establishing clear and stringent rules on employee theft cases. What should an application form state if the applicant knowingly provides false information? -Warning that any inaccurate information is illegal. What is a GFCI and how could it protect a swimming pool? It is a circuit used on at the base of the swimming pool and it pumps motor receptacles around the swimming pool. Where do incidents increase when there is a convention or exhibit at hotels? -Swimming pools. What are the best tips for dealing with problem groups?

-Discussing among the parties to reach amicable solution. What incidents are most likely to appear on a security officers shift reports? Theft, burglary, and lost and found items. What are the primary elements of gaming security? The formal elements, structure, number of players and player roles. How can a hotel limit its liability when you consider the health club at the resort? Employing qualified personnel and setting clear procedures. Chap 7 Which is higher in “recordable injury reports”, the lodging or private industry?

-Private industry. What is the primary benefit of including both managers and staff on a hotels safety committee? It makes everyone feels part and parcel of the hotel’s safety concern. Which is more of an emerging employee safety issue (musculoskeletal disorders, exposure to high voltage, asbestos exposure, or radiation)? Radiation Chap 8 What steps are taken by hotels to aid inventory control? -Setting clear inventory control procedures. Why should master payroll files be matched with master personnel files?

-To avoid cases of ghost workers. What is the primary goal of an internal audit program? To ensure that internal processes are not fraudulent. Where should the computer server room be located at in a hotel? -In confidential strong rooms. What reduces the amount of late charges posted to a guest rooms account? Discounts provided by the hotel. To guard against excessive charges, what might a hotel do? Provide loyalty programs and discounts. A property might be stuck with a bad debt when accepting a legitimate credit card if? The case is legitimate. Equipment inventory control is usually enhanced through the use of what? -RFID technology.

Why establish a cash bank system for cashiers? To minimize the risk associated with carrying liquid cash. Why would a hotel choose internal auditors rather than outside contractors? -Because it is cheap and they are already aware of the hotel’s policies and culture. Chap 9 Why would each property establish its own emergency management program? -Because each property has different level of risks. Where is the emergency command center typically at a hotel? -Front desk. Why would housekeeping and engineering personal valuable for a bomb search? -To avoid a case of negligence on part of the hotel. Most deaths and injury resulting by fire are caused by what? -Electric faults Why should you have a variety of wrenches in case of an earthquake? -To prepare to deal effectively with the disaster. What hotel departments involve a post-earthquake search and assistance team? -The front desk, security and emergency departments In the event of a serious incident, employees should refer the media to whom? -Communication officer. In the event of a guest’s death, employees should be instructed to do what with the scene? Not to interfere with the scene. When dealing with civil disturbances, what policy should a hotel do on perimeter control?

-Employ patrol units. Chap 10 Would a fire set by a disgruntled hotel employee be insurable? Yes. What are the components of a commercial package policy? -it contains common policy declarations and conditions as well as common package policy coverage.

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