Essays on Hotel Operation Management - Singapore Tourism Market Case Study

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The paper "Hotel Operation Management - Singapore Tourism Market" is an inspiring example of a case study on management. Fairmont Singapore Hotel is located at the core of the Raffle City specifically at the crossroads of Singapore’ s CBD. The hotel is conveniently situated above a train station and a few minutes away from Singapore Changi Airport (Pregarz, 2011). It was formerly known as the Raffles The Plaza and it is the sister hotel to the Swissotel The Stamford that is located in Singapore. It is a 26-story tower that houses up to 769 rooms as well as suites.

In the year 1986, the hotel was opened as The Westin Plaza thereafter it was refurbished hand in hand with Swissotel The Stamford (Pregarz, 2011). On January 1, 2002, its name was changed to Raffles The Plaza and later changed to Fairmont Singapore in the year 2007 with a consequent change in branding. Currently, Fairmont Singapore is housing one of the largest spas in Asia and it shares similar recreational activities as well as some sports facilities with its sister hotel (Pregarz, 2011). In 2005, Fairmont Singapore Hotel also hosted most of the IOC members who were in Raffles City during the 117th IOC session conducted in Raffles City Conventional Centre (Pregarz, 2011).

Furthermore, in the year 2006, Fairmont Singapore Hotel expanded the retail area of Raffles City with 50 shops in their basement 1 hotel’ s service area. Therefore, this report will highlight the 5 major departments in the hotel together with their duties and responsibilities. In addition, it will discuss the various facilities offered by the hotel. Finally, this report will identify two direct competitors and their advantages over this hotel. 2.0 Departments in Fairmont Singapore Hotel There are various departments within the Fairmont Singapore Hotel and each department has its own duties and responsibilities in delivering quality services to its hotel guests.

These departments include front office, housekeeping, sales and marketing, food and beverage, and the security department. 2.1 Front Office Department 2.1.1 Duties and Responsibilities Fairmont Singapore Hotel has a front office department that caters to every hotel guest's needs. The front desk team at the hotel is always the first to offer necessary and relevant information to any guest that visits the hotel regarding the accommodation as well as the facilities offered in the hotel (Fallon and Rutherford, 2011).

Furthermore, the front desk department is often the last team member the hotel guests see when they check out of the hotel. 2.2 Housekeeping Department 2.2.1 Duties and Responsibilities This department as recognized as the Kings and Queens of cleanliness within the hotel. This is because they work behind the scenes effortlessly in order to maintain the hotel rooms clean, sparkling, and shiny (Fallon and Rutherford, 2011).

The housekeeping department within Fairmont Singapore Hotel ensures that the required amount of towels and fresh linens are available for the exact number of rooms to be cleaned. Another duty of the housekeeping department within the hotel is to take the garbage from every room within the hotel. They always ensure that garbage is removed and emptied daily and replaced with a cleaner bin for the next guest (Slogan, Legrand, and Chen, 2013). They also make the beds, dust the rooms, and perform finishing touches on the rooms through spraying air fresheners.


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