Essays on Team Rainbow-Bridge Hotel - Performance Analysis Case Study

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The paper "Team Rainbow-Bridge Hotel - Performance Analysis" is a perfect example of a business case study. Team rainbow-Bridge hotel deals in a range of tailor-made services and products for the benefit of the clients. The key departments are the room service department, the beverage and food department and other operating departments. Each department is under a department head and all of them work toward the realization of the mission and vision of the hotel. Team- Rainbow Bridge hotel aims at becoming the leading hotel in Australia through maintaining quality services and products.

In the last three years, revenue realized has been growing significantly and this has increased the profit margins of the hotel. The room occupancy is constant throughout the year, while the consumption of food and beverages has been increasing over the same period. The hotels boast of a well-trained workforce and competent personnel to ensure customers are given quality services during their stay at the hotel premise. In the last three years, the ROCE has been increasing meaning better management and repayment of debts and a stable future. The current financial position of the hotel is relatively stable before tax income is $1,321,957.

Devising ways to bring down the high costs incurred in the course of conducting business is the main challenge. Over the three years, the cost has been increasing and this has substantially reduced the profit and income margins. The hotel has registered immense growth. In the future, the hotel plans to put some of its finances in long-term investments due to the overgrowing demand for its services and facilities. To realize this dream the hotel management will work together with policymakers to make sure that their mission is accomplished.

In coming years, the hotel also plans to expand its operations in various states of Australia to bring its services closer to its clients. This will ensure that the hotel is competitive enough as customers’ demands, tastes and preferences become more sophisticated.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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