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Unit21 April 2012Proposal for Niceties Hotel websiteIntroductionThe hotel industry serves clients from all over the world. This large clientele base need a source of information of all the products offered. Marketing needs to be done using the most recent avenue which is a website. The website will be updated with the most recent information to help client make their decision on which products to choose. Some of the biggest hotels like the Hilton have websites giving details about their product and also allowing payment online. The growth is seen by the number of hits and bookings made online.

This booking would not be possible if a website did not exist in the first place. Business BackgroundThe Niceties hotel provides lodging facilities, events organization, indoor and outdoor catering facilities. The lodging facilities are where clients can book rooms by visiting the hotel offices physically or making a call to the administration. Rooms are priced differently according to the numbers of beds and occupants who can be accommodated. The catering facility involves providing meals to people with different events like weddings, birthday parties or offices dinners.

Catering department provide tents and seats to client at an extra cost whenever need arises. Clients are allowed to make reservation of tables if they would like to hold meetings within the hotel rooms. These facilities are marketed through word of mouth or billboards displayed on the highway. The hotel has been in the forefront of accommodating tourists from Asia, Europe and the Americas. These clients are mostly booked in by their travel agents who get a commission out of every client they book in the hotel. Business GoalsThe business would like to increase the number of hotel bookings by an approximately 10% by January 2013.

This can only be achieved by identifying new market locations and trying to identify untapped markets. One of the markets that need entry is Africa and the Far East Asia. These places have a number of business men who visit Australia all the time of the year. Advertisement in this market can only be done by adapting new advertisement strategy. One of the strategies is through social Medias like facebook, gplus and twitter.

Success in these forms of advertisement can only be achieved by developing a website for the Niceties Hotel. The hotel has a goal of opening branches in New York and Cairo. These branches will be our reference point in Africa and America. The Cairo branch will serve tourists who travel from Europe to see the Pharaoh tombs in Egypt. The New York branch will accommodate tourists visiting New York from Australia. Getting clients in these new locations is easy because clients would like to be identified with a Hotel that has roots in their home country.

Website GoalsThe goal of the website will be to increase the number of sales and awareness of our new products. The website will have the Google translator plug-in which will enable clients from different parts of the world read details on our website using their local national languages. The website will also be used as a marketing tool during the launch of new business products. The new products can be a new branch opening and price changes in the variety of product offered in our menu.

The website will provide an online customer care desk for the different clients. This is enabled by having a customer care personnel who answers clients questions from the online chat available on the site. This will improve on client relation by allowing clients confirm any issues before making a booking, order or payment online. The online help desk will be used to improve the business rating by 25% by the end of 2013. The website will provide a booking platform for rooms and catering services which will reduce the number of clients visiting the office physically.

The online office will increase efficiency and accountability by provision of evidence of different transaction carried out online.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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