Essays on Environmental Forces in Global Marketing in Australia Term Paper

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The paper “ Environmental Forces in Global Marketing in Australia" is an exciting example of term paper on marketing. The global economy is becoming increasingly integrated and liberalized due to the effects of globalization. Global markets have become more common as business organizations seek to enlarge their market shares by tapping into the international markets. Australia being a developed country has played a significant part in this global phenomenon and is a key player in how it has taken shape. Marketing in Australia has undergone a transformation over the last few years to what it is today.

Being a business and trade hub, the country has had its fair share of challenges and forces that influence its marketing endeavors both locally and globally. From a global perspective, the general environment in the country has played a huge role in determining how international marketers in the country carry out their practice. In all environmental factors, there are key aspects that affect international marketing in Australia. The key factors in this aspect lay in economic, environmental, financial, cultural, political and legal practices.

Each of these factors has elements that play out differently in determining the overall effect. Australia is not unique to the global market. A majority of forces shaping the current global marketing status is also being felt in other countries. This is because countries have become more interdependent and hence and the action of one country affects their counterparts. The global economy and market are becoming increasingly competitive as players seek to widen their market shares beyond their borders. As a result international or global marketing has become a necessary phenomenon not only in Australia but the world over as marketers seek to appeal to a larger market; there are key aspects that come into play, hence determining the framework that global marketing follows (Mü hlbacher, Leihs, Dahringer, 2006, p.

4). Marketing in Australia takes several forms that are influenced by the global market. Being a huge economy, it is a lucrative hub for business and international companies seeking to invest in the country. The Australian economy also has substantial global and international ventures in other countries that make the country to be part and parcel of international marketing.

Australia is also an importer and exporter of essential commodities that are part of the economy and satisfy demand and supply both locally and internationally. In this view, the country has to engage marketers consistently and on a regular basis in order to compete with other world economies for markets. Apart from the business attractions that make Australia a lucrative business region, Australia also has other attractions in terms of tourism and culture. It has a unique blend of natural resources and cultures that attract people from all over the world.

Further, the unique landscapes, flora, and fauna are often used as marketing points for the industry in the country. All these aspects play a role in determining the way global marketing is affected by Australian policies as a country. In this report, environmental forces affecting global marketing practices in Australia will be discussed. From this, critical challenges affecting global marketing in Australia will be deduced and evaluated as well. Opportunities that exist for global marketers will also be discussed in the report.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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