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The paper "How Celebrity Endorsement Affects Consumer Behavior Of Young Adults In Fashion Industry" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Literature Review. Competition is fast increasing in the fashion industry. This has forced the fashion industry to revolt against the use of celebrity endorsement as a marketing tool. The use of celebrities as elements of marketing has been seen over the past decade to be a way of increasing the awareness of the brand and therefore earn the company more income from fashion sales. The celebrity endorsers are seen as potential influencing tools among the young adults therefore making them to be constantly used.

The celebrities are used to present different advertisement services for brands through the personalization of the adverts and mimicking of the knowledge they are trying to communicate. Celebrity endorsement can therefore be conceptualized as the use of celebrities for the advertisement and marketing of brand products in stiffly competitive markets. The following literature review discusses the use of celebrity endorsement and its impacts on the consumer behavior of young adults in the fashion industry. Factors that Young Adults Consider when Consuming Fashion Products The entry of different brands of fashion products on the market has had a significant implication on the criteria for the choice of the best fashion products by young adults.

The fashion market has been greatly congested with many varieties of products some with the same uses but from different producers. This had led to the consumers being highly selective on fashion products (Chan, 2011). The influence of celebrity figures on young adults especially adolescents is worthwhile as many adolescents have their celebrity figures who they would like to emulate and therefore the use of endorsers is a key marketing tool for fashion brands.

The main factors that young adults put into consideration when choosing the best fashion products to consume include but not limited to the price of the commodity, the brand and the usefulness of the product (Hollensen & Schimmelpfennig, 2013). Despite the endorsement power of celebrities on product perception, sometimes the cost of the fashion product is a limiting factor in the consumption of the product. Sometimes companies advertise expensive fashion products which unlikely to be afforded by young consumers.

The consumers have to take into account the associated price of the fashion commodity. According to Rath et al. (2014), some brand products prove to be more expensive than the products from other companies that have similar uses and applications. Therefore, the consumers divert their focus to the goods that can be obtained at a cheaper cost. Secondly, the consumers’ choice of fashion products is influenced by the brand. Despite the existence of many brand products in the fashion market, there is a preferable brand that different young adults want to consume.

Therefore the consumers go to the market with the aim of purchasing a fashion commodity from a given company or brand. This has a great influence on the purchases of fashion products. In addition, some fashion brands have high probabilities of having counterfeits created in the name of the brands and sometimes the consumers, therefore, purchase counterfeit fashion products. This, therefore, makes the young adults go for the brand that is hard to imitate as the counterfeits are likely to have adverse impacts and do not perform the duty as intended (Knittel & Stango, 2013).



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