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The paper "How Could Culture Affect International Business or Relationships in a Business Settings? " is a delightful example of an essay on business. The essay intends to explain the concept of culture associated with international business. It also provides details regarding conflicts that are raised due to differences of culture and accordingly, recommendations are prescribed to reduce the problems and do businesses successfully. This essay will shed light on the cultures of two countries that include Mexico and Germany to explain the effect of cultural differences on the performance of the international business.

The culture of Mexico is different from the culture of Germany based on the time issue, gender roles, business concepts, and thinking of the people of both countries. Culture is a complex phenomenon, which involves beliefs, morals, arts, knowledge, customs, and habits of society as followed from the traditional period (Oatey, 2012). Due to cultural differences, there can be conflicts among the employees within an organization due to which employees face complexities in performing their operations in a cooperative as well as coordinated manner. Therefore, in the present-day context, it is essential to study the cross-cultural concept and to obtain the knowledge essential for performing operations in a collaborative manner.

It helps to reduce cross-cultural issues or conflicts to perform operations sustainably and cooperatively in overseas locations (Zion & Kozleski, 2005). In addition, cultural diversity in different countries is identified to be affecting international businesses for various factors that include behavior, communication, and belief among others. The Mexican society is recognized to be hierarchical like the score is 81 in terms of power distance, and therefore, the people follow a hierarchical order.

Hence, a hierarchical society affects business performance in terms of organizational structure. Mexico is identified to be a collectivist society, as a score in individualism in 30. As a collectivism driven society, the people work together for performing activities cooperatively. Moreover, the culture of Mexico is driven by masculinity rather than femininity, as the masculinity score is 69 (Williams, 2015).  


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