Essays on Dualistic Vision and Spirituality Essay

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The paper "Dualistic Vision and Spirituality" is a worthy example of an essay on religion and theology. Dualistic vision is a major set back on human progress toward God as the spiritual endeavors of human beings call for the wholeness of being. In an ontological understanding of the term dualism, it is apparent that “ multiplicity is original. ” (Friesen) In the ontological dualism, the creation of the world by God has been from the eternally pre-existing substance. The split between the body and the soul is comprehended as dualism from the anthropological point of view.

This dualistic vision of reality does not offer wholeness which is most imperative in a realization of spiritual goals. Human beings can comprehend the concept of God in wholeness which is, significantly, lacking in a dualistic vision. Dualistic vision is caused by the belief in a separate self and as Mö ller de la Rouviè re argues, “ Dualistic vision is, therefore,   a direct consequence of this presumed inner entity called the ‘ I’ .” (Rouviè re) This I-conscious disturbs the wholeness of experience and ultimately the realization of God is destroyed.

Humanism, which is important in the recognition of God, requires non-duality or wholeness as an integral aspect of human life.   Significantly, human life can experience truths and realities in terms of non-duality or wholeness. The realization of God, as well as spiritual goals, is possible only in a non-dualistic vision of reality and it is at this point that the role of regetarianism comes into play. Rouviè re also postulates that “ Spiritual life is… a human affair and the fulfillment of human life is the fulfillment of spiritual life. ” (Rouviè re) The dualistic vision of truths such as God fails to comprehend reality and, therefore, holds back human beings spiritually and the role of regetarianism can be realized in terms of human experiences that require wholeness rather than dualism.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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