Essays on Amazon Digital Channels, Digital Products and Use of Technology Case Study

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The paper “ Amazon Digital Channels, Digital Products and Use of Technology”   is an excellent example of a case study on management. In looking into the progress that Amazon has made in relation to the provision of services through the internet, this study will incorporate various management models that reflect on the basic management structures of an organization. This will include a keen observation of how technological advances and human resource management affects or generally influences the direction an organization takes in the process of its growth. Environmental challenges will also be put into consideration as well as the influence of competition on the whole idea of Amazon’ s growth.

Amazon. com is one website that can be cited to have had a relatively high overall growth rate among internet providers. This study is informed by the success of the website and will thus seek to find out they have been able to achieve their success through the available digital channels. IntroductionAmazon. com has had its significant share of contribution to this evolution and revolution mostly through its marketplace websites through which digital material is transacted.

One can rightly say that in spite of all the challenges that have slammed interaction through the internet, Amazon has been able to rise above several competitors. In this study, emphasis will be given to the interrogation of what could have indeed led to the successful rise of the organization. In doing so, this study will apply various management theories and models in relation to all other factors that have to be considered in highlighting the contributors to the success of the organization. Visualization of Amazon’ s Business ModelIt is notable that Amazon had rightly outlined the challenges that internet marketing provides right from the beginning of its operations.

By the time the organization started its operations in 1995, there was not widespread use of the internet in most parts of the world as there is today.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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