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The paper "How Does Global Warming Affects Florida" is an excellent example of a research proposal on environmental studies. Global warming has been defined as the continuous increase in average temperatures on the earth’ s surface. Throughout a long time, there have been major social concerns for the effects of global warming. The phenomenon has produced different effects on environments within various locations, globally. This manuscript seeks to look at the environmental effects of this phenomenon within the area of Florida. Through undertaking this research the various environmental effects of global warming within the state will become clearly understood.

The experiences within other states will be reviewed through the research. The research will become essential in seeking to provide solutions to the adverse effects presented to the environment by global warming, upon the state of Florida. Background The average temperatures across the world have been observed to rise over a long period of time. These rising temperatures have continuously presented various effects upon the environment and other social systems across the world. Greenhouse gasses have been identified as presenting the biggest challenge in contributing to global warming (Weart).

The effects of global warming have been presented in different aspects of social systems. Physical effects include the increased occurrence of extreme weather cases, which have been observed. These include hurricanes, among other destructive weather conditions, which have been associated with global warming. Oceans have also been identified as becoming more acidified by the absorption of gases causing global warming (Shaffer, Olsen, and Pedersen, p107). The temperature rise has also been observed within the oceans. Since the oceans transverse the entire globe, the effects become present across different regions bordering the oceans.

The state of Florida has an extensive coastline, and the global warming effects from the oceans could be available (Natural Resources Defense Council). Elevated carbon dioxide levels within the atmosphere have been associated with a reduction in food production. The farmland has become negatively affected by these aspects of global warming leading to reduced harvest, which could potentially cause hunger among populations residing in affected areas (Dai, p50). Different regions have been classified as being differently vulnerable to various environmental effects of global warming, observed across the world.

Changing ocean currents have been associated with the common occurrence of typhoons within the Asian region of the world. Such effects can also affect other regions across the globe. Some social systems remain extremely sensitive to climatic changes, as they present adverse effects upon such systems (Schneider et al. , p790). Sectors like tourism and agriculture become easily affected and remain extremely vulnerable to the environmental effects of global warming. Methodology The research will be an exploratory study seeking to establish the environmental effects of global warming in Florida.

The research will assess the various eco-systems within the state and seek to identify the transforms which have emanated as a consequence of global warming. With information regarding the expected environmental effects of global warming, the researchers will undertake exploration into various literature, and printed reports indicating changes into the various eco-systems, in Florida. The researchers will undertake a field study and make observations of recordable environmental effects of global warming. The observations made will be presented to various environmental organizations, which will be expected to provide feedback through questionnaires attached to the materials.

Statistics from various sectors and environmental concerns raised across the state will become fundamental in establishing the effects of global warming. Other recorded effects within other regions will provide a guideline on the eco-systems which will be analyzed within the study. Results The findings of the research will be analyzed professionally and presented in simplified ways seeking to ensure an easy interpretation. Graphs, charts, photos and other visual elements will be utilized in the presentation of the results. The results are expected to become informative to both the public and the policymakers within the state.

The public understanding of the underlying issues will ensure eth people become aware of the effects of the global warming phenomenon. The policymakers within the state can utilize the results from the research in establishing solutions towards extenuating the unpleasant effects of global warming. Implementation of such measures, based on the findings of the research, will enable the state to improve the eco-systems which have been affected by global warming.


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