Essays on The Impacts of Online Shopping on Traditional Retail Businesses Literature review

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The paper "The Impacts of Online Shopping on Traditional Retail Businesses" is an outstanding example of a business literature review. This report has examined the impact of online shopping on traditional retail businesses. The report takes note of the fact that online shopping has indeed gained prominence and thus impacting traditional retail businesses. One of the key impacts raised in the decline in sales in traditional retail businesses, while sales gained from online shopping continue to increase. The paper however recommends that despite such existing challenges, traditional retailers should adapt to change by integrating both the online business model and the direct sales model.

Also, traditional retail stores should still expand their retail space with strategies such as developing showrooms where online shoppers can come and view their products. Introduction The emergence of online shopping has greatly revolutionized business transactions. Online shopping is defined as any kind of shopping that occurs through the internet where electronic methods are used to undertake purchases at visual stores/shops which are sites that are found on the internet (Sward, M 2008). In Australia, online shopping is becoming more prominent.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics discloses that purchases made online surpassed the $7 billion mark in 2012-2013 (ABS, 2013). These estimates are higher than the ratings of previous years which amounted to $6.2 billion. The rapid growth of online shopping implies that there are implications for traditional retails stores. This report presents findings on the impacts of online shopping on retail businesses. Benefits and disadvantage of online shopping to customers There are numerous benefits of online shopping. Surveys conducted on various customers revealed that one of the benefits of online shopping is convenience.

Customers stated that they can purchase services or products at any suitable time; this is because retailers working online accept orders twenty-four hours a day. In traditional stores, however, customers have to physically go to the stores during the usual business hours which is quite inconvenient. x 1)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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