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The paper "Google International HRM" is an outstanding example of a management case study. International human management is a pillar in any organization. This also applies to the Google Company. The Google organization has various problems that may be handled by human management resources. The paper starts with the introduction of international human management resources (IHRM). Description of the Google Company and its international human resource management is then done in-depth. There are various that are affecting the organizations, these include; changing of careers, increase of the global terrorism which has affected organization significantly and changing of global staffing.

However, recommendations are given to the HRM to effectively run the organizations. Several links have been observed between HRM theories and practices, for instance, the human capital theory. The goals of an organization are also affected by the HRM strategies. This is because it is the core unit of an organization.   1.0 Introduction Increasing globalization has subsequently caused many organizations to extend their operations to other countries and they no longer limit their operations to national boundaries. Majority of the multinational corporations have established significantly large numbers of oversea expansions.

However, it is not an easy venture and many have experienced failure in the efforts go international. Besides financial constraints, poor staffing and management have been closely linked to this failure. Other factors include damaged company reputation, lost business opportunities and weakened customer relations. As a result of this, the need for international human resource management practices is now considered a matter of urgency by many organizations. Using a broader definition, International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is the international dimension of human resource management of multinational corporations.

A more specific definition of IHRM is that it a function of the human resource that is responsible for the policies, practices of the strategic activities of multinational organizations and their main function is to link up international operations with the goals and visions of the organizations. This report will address the issue of international human resource management making reference to the case of Google multinational company. It will give a brief introduction of the company profile and will further take an in-depth analysis of the IHRM issues practised in the company under review.

In addition, the report will discuss all the issue underlying IHRM and further assess how practices can be linked to theories. The link between company goals and strategies with the international HRM will also be discussed into details. Recommendations will be proposed on ways of improving the IHRM. 2.0 Organizational background Google was founded in 1998 after years of extensive research into the analysis of World Wide Web link structures and generally large scale data mining by two students of Stanford University; Larry and Sergey. The company mission is to make the world information more accessible and properly organized and to make the search experience through the World Wide Web an interesting experience for its users.

Products and services of Google are delivered to its customers, both individuals and enterprises via public destination site that is www. google. com and co-branding of its site search and web site products (Coombs and Deleon 2007).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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