Essays on How Does Online Shopping Affect Women's Attitude towards Purchasing Fashion Products Research Paper

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The paper “ How Does Online Shopping Affect Women’ s Attitude towards Purchasing Fashion Products, ” is an actual example of the research proposal on marketing. Online shopping is one of the basic sets of e-commerce that have become part and parcel of the modern man’ s lifestyle. While online stores still face stiff competition from in-stores, there have been some enhancements in the online shopping systems that have been made in the bid to ensure customer retention. There is a wide variety of products which shoppers enjoy from online stores and a point of interest would be the fashion products purchased by women.

Conducting research on the overall existing statistics related to the purchase of fashion products in the online stores would prove to be of utmost importance to those who operate in this field. The study on the basic organization of online stores and how its structure would affect women’ s attitude towards their purchasing of fashion products would be quite invaluable to the owners of the online stores. In the course of this research, it is my general expectation to unearth the concealed facts that are largely ignored by the online shoppers whether positive or negative in nature which would impact their future choices.

My research is also bound to covers the reasons for or against shopping in either online stores or in-stores. The clear cut differences for each would be brought up by having to look into the advantages and disadvantages linked to either and then making an analysis to come up with the most superior of the two. Having raised my interest in identifying the possible effects of online shopping on women’ s attitudes towards the purchase of fashion products, it would be important to address the same for in stores, though not having to go into details as such. Literature review and research QuestionsThe question as to how much impact that online shopping that has on women’ s attitude towards purchasing fashion products can be addressed by having an in-depth study of the reasons for and against online shopping, which would basically attribute to the existence of the differing attitudes.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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