Essays on How Does Working During Study Affect International Student In UCELI Assignment

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AbstractThe aim of the study is to understand the problems faced by international students academically while working. The study has been conducted using a questionnaire and the study had included only those who is working and studying. The key findings of the study are kept under the results section and there has been a discussion topic and recommendation topic for further insights to the study. IntroductionThe report will be covering the impact on the study of student due to working a part time. The method of the research will be done using qualitative method and quantitative method.

The study would have been triggered by the need to understand the problems faced by the student academically by working and how it has been affecting classroom studies (Catherine Watts, 2002). There may be some students who may be forced to work that much extra and that would make them tired and give less concentration in class. There are many students joining the concept of employment and that has been triggered by many factors like the introduction of student loan system, withdrawal of the right of the student to claim housing benefit, unemployment benefit and income support during the vacations and so on(Watt and Pickering, 2000).

The study will be covering the aspect of implications of student working and the study will be covering the problems faced by international students. The methodologyQuestionnaire method was used to collect data that is needed for discussion or research study. The questionnaire can be seen in the appendix shown below. Only those students that qualify to the tag of international and working will be included in the study. The questionnaire begins with an introduction that states the objective or the purpose of the study and it also seeks the cooperation of the respondent. The questionnaire starts with the open ended question of Nationality where the respondent should enter the nationality of the person/respondent.

It has been stated in Malhotra, that open ended questions are the best way of beginning a questionnaire. Then the question goes to the gender of the person. The age group has been divided into different ranges and the minimum age group has been kept as 18 and the maximum age group has been not kept.

The student will be asked the next question of sponsorship and the next big question will be whether the student is working or not. This will be most important question of the research as answering yes will help to take part in the research process while answering no will make sure that there is no need to take further in the research. The reason is that research is meant for understanding the problems that student has while working. The question of working has been asked and the industry that has been asked is retail, hotel, restaurant and others.

The hours that the student has been working has been given and arrange has been given. The reason for the student working has been asked and the main question of whether any negative impact of working has been there. The next question will be to understand whether the student is having any problem in academics due to working and if the answer is yes then the question becomes open ended by asking the question what the reasons are.

For those who have answered no to this question, will be asked whether there is any positive effect on the study due to job and the answer if it is yes can turn into open ended questions like what are the positive effects.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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