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The paper "How Effective Are Bankers Bonuses" is a great example of a finance and accounting assignment. Bankers Bonus was rewards or appreciations offered to individuals or groups who performed extraordinarily during a specific banking season. The bonuses incentivized and encouraged risk-taking because they provided favorable opportunities for hard work and dedication towards the achievement of the banking industry objectives. However, bonuses were to be performance-related and became regulated if the banks made losses. The research was done using a number of sources that included academic journals sources like publications of relevant articles from global banking institutions; textbooks sources that included relevant study area material; Proquest Sources coverage included industry and professional newsletters, school of bank marketing papers and theses.

To retain the skilled personnel in the industry, the bonus programs must demonstrate favorable external and internal competition. Effective bonus plan encompasses noble leadership, reasonable and fairly shared bonuses. These payment systems are planned and managed well to achieve goals like efficiency and equity. 1.2 Expand on and define the terms in the research question. Identify the main topic in the question and the specific focus of that topic.

Note down the conceptual area/s of the Dewey System you might expect to find the main topic in the research question (75-150 words) Bonus – this was rewards and gratitude given to individuals who demonstrated and outshone outstanding performance in an area they represent. Bankers’ bonuses- these are rewards given to people and individuals who have significantly contributed enormously to the banking sector's success. The Types of bank bonus can be either in monetary and non-monetary terms. Monetary bonus rewards incorporated the additional allowances on individual salary scales while the non-monetary rewards were in terms of promotions in the workplace within the banking industry.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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