Essays on How Equity Defines the Success of a Product Research Proposal

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The paper "How Equity Defines the Success of a Product" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing. Research Question The question of equity, and how it alters a corporation and their specific products are one that has been questioned by many. Specifically, many wonder how marketing is reflected through implied equity. This includes the name brand, and how it shows the values within a corporation. Tactics and strategies used in marketing define how equity and customer relationships are reflected in marketing. This research proposal includes creating an understanding of how equity defines the success of a product. Overview/Introduction The concept of brand equity and marketing equity is one that is defined through various researchers.

Specifically, P.R. Varadarajan and S Jayachandran (1999) have stated that the concept of equity reflects how customers respond to products. The difference defined includes an alteration in customer response, the success of the product and the life value held by the product. From this, the concept of brands and the values it holds become essential in the success of a product. The need to find a value that relates to strategy, not only within the organization but also to hold the better value of a brand from competitors then becomes the main determination in brand value and success. Background and Motivation When defining the concept of equity in brands and products, many define how competitors hold a specific brand for longer or shorter life cycles.

Understanding how customers relate to this, as well as the psychological implications behind this, also involves a variety of differences in the success of a brand. Understanding how consumers are motivated to a specific brand involves layers of marketing that are defined.

Within this is the need to understand how customers relate to a product, not only through competition, price and overall quality, but also in relation to the equitable values believed to be a part of the brands and products. Proposed Research Design This research study consists of defining the needed values within different brands. Several brands will be chosen as a basis for the research. Within each of these, it will be an implied value or equitable concept that is given through the company's philosophies and internal functioning.

This is defined as the main component reflected in the products. From this, several customers will be questioned through surveys about equity through the products and brand names. Proposed Methods and Data To ensure the correct responses are heard from the questionnaires, an econometric model will be used to compare the relationships between equity and demand of the product. This will be done by measuring the success of a product over a certain time. This is then linked to the concept of equity that consumers hold towards the product to show if it makes a substantial difference in the demand and growth of a product.

These are measured with a P – E test, to show how the functionality is affected by circumstances, specifically, with equity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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