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The paper 'Health and Safety at Work ' is a great example of a Management Case Study. HASAWA 1974 has made astounding strides in facilitating the safety of the workplace for both the employees and any other individuals who visit the workplace, especially in the case of service organizations such as health care facilities. Initially, the legislation was focused on mechanical and technical considerations in the workplace, putting more emphasis on the hazards towards which employees may be exposed to. Nevertheless, the Act has undergone huge changes regarding its implementation and scope, embracing the need to protect the patients from a prevention perspective, requiring the employer to consult with the employees in the establishment of different measures through which their safety can be enhanced.

The Act manages the safety of employees with all aspects of safety considered, right from the technical facet to the theoretical construct (Lè fstedt 2011, p. 5). As such, employers are expected to provide knowledge and training necessary for the employees to uphold their safety in the workplace. Also, the need to protect the clients of an organization from injury or any other form of harm that could have been otherwise prevented by the organization has increasingly been noted.

Both the employers and the employed have a role to play in the implementation of the Act. This paper is going to review the depth to which the HSWA 1974 is providing safety at the workplace. Employer ResponsibilityThe employer has the primary responsibility in upholding the safety and health at the workplace. The mandate lies with the management to ensure that a proper framework has been put in place to enable the management of health and safety matters and that the work environment is set according to standards of good health and safety.

The employers play the central role in coordinating all stakeholder efforts towards safeguarding the health of the employers and any other person that interacts with the organizations within its premise, including the consumers and the suppliers (Griffith, Tengnah, & Patel 2010, p. 236). The HASAWA 1974 has changed this mere responsibility into a requirement by law, whereby the law demands the active role of employers in ensuring the safety of their employees from any form of harm while on duty or within the business premise.



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