Essays on How Have the Strategies Used by William Grant and Sons Made Hendricks Such a Successful Gin Brand Case Study

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The paper “ How Have the Strategies Used by William Grant and Sons Made Hendricks’ Such a Successful Gin Brand? ” is a   fascinating variant of case study on marketing. William and Sons Company has been in operation since 1887 as a family company and was incorporated in Scotland. The company is currently third in terms of Scotch whiskey market share after Diageo and Pernod Ricard. It has enjoyed considerable success and has received numerous awards. The company’ s main brands include Glenfiddich, Grant’ s, Balvenie, Tullamore, and Hendricks Gin among others. Hendricks Gin has been highly successful due to its traditional mode of preparation, ingredients, packaging and market approach thus gaining a fairly international distribution.

These strategies have created good consumer relations for the gin. It has re-introduced the good old days feel among consumers by employing traditional approaches and ‘ a most unusual gin-a gin made oddly’ tagline. Hendrick’ s Gin is a gin brand produced by William and Sons in Scotland. This super-premium gin brand was launched in 1999, made of Bulgarian rose and cucumber botanical recipes to add flavor. The brand capitalizes on the old fashioned package by use of distinctive toffee brownish bottle symbolizing traditional medicinal origins.

Hendrick’ s Gin uses a mixture of spirits blend from a Carter Head still acquired in the 1960s by William Grant and sons (Davitt, 2011). The preparation of the gin involves charging the botanical ingredients together with 98 percent neutral and pure grain spirit prior to distilling (one day before) and left to steep awaiting self distilling. In order to ensure quality consistency, it is tasted and final distillations of Bulgarian rose and cucumber are poured in the mixture. The ingredients, distillation process and package used for the Hendrick’ s Gin offer the notion of a brand that has been in existence for a millennium or more, although Hendrick’ s is just 13 years old.

Its unique story and placement in the market make it almost every marketer’ s dream. The brand utilizes an unusual promotional style. Literature reviewThe brand popularity has been majorly surged through word of mouth. The brand exists even in some markets where there is no distributional market which is encouraging to the company and mainly sets a basis in establishing networks (Davitt, 2011). Hendricks Gin is strategically placed in the market, increasingly availing old-school recipes thus fueling interest and helping to bring gin to the bar’ s forefront.

It simply offers mixing possibilities from a botanical layered dimension (Magyarics, 2013) 

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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