Essays on How Technology Is Going to Affect Employability in the Near Future Research Proposal

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The paper "How Technology Is Going to Affect Employability in the Near Future" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   Since human beings came to know about technology, they have been researching and coming up with new things and for sure technology is changing the world of work and reshaping labor markets. Technological change and its force on employment have become a center of attention around the globe. The innovations comprise of highly developed communication systems, flexible manufacturing systems, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided design (CAD), and industrial robots. These modern technologies incorporate powerful and low-cost microelectronic devices that have the potential to increase productivity in office and factory production risks.

This research paper focuses mainly on the effects that Information Communication Technology-enabled devices such as smart techniques, smart devices, and smart machines have on employment. The main focus here is on public employment services and ways they can support the opportunities Information Communication Technology can provide to employees and the self-employed. Depending on how technology is embraced it can bring both negative and positive effects in terms of employment.

Technology is meant to make work easier as compared to olden days where everything was done manually. Even though most people consider technology introduction negatively, there are clear opportunities that come from digital occupations and the broader use of digital tools. According to Kaufman, Parcel, and Wallace, (1988), individuals, businesses, and governments have an opportunity to benefit a lot from digital professions and the employment of digital tools. Technology can also bring negative effects if not used in a proper manner. With technology, certain professions may also be digitized to unreliable extents, with some personnel or part of their occupations being replaced by the introduction of technology (Kaufman, Parcel, and Wallace, 1988). The capability to take advantage of openings will also differ among people; employees with advanced levels of techniques more probable to benefit, while those with minor techniques may be less equipped and therefore more exposed to dangers of inferior job superiority and of employment loss.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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