Essays on How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur Admission/Application Essay

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The paper "How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur" is an outstanding example of an application essay on business. In this competitive world where everyone is trying to win the race, it is only the right education and the set of skills that an individual has. My aim is to be a successful entrepreneur and to start a business of my own. I aim at starting something which is different and is exciting as well. The main reason for different kinds of business is due to the high need for innovativeness in the current time and the need to be able to differentiate the business in the current market.

Although for being an entrepreneur, it is not essential to have an MBA degree, however, the benefits of the course are many. The course covers a broad number of subjects that relate to business and it is essential for an entrepreneur to have a clear knowledge of all subjects to be able to be successful in running the business. Getting an MBA from Cambridge University can be very helpful for my future career as the university concentrates on developing entrepreneurs and innovators.

The university recognizes the need for individuals with a strong drive for success and the ability to understand the various business needs. The university provides the students with a chance to work on four projects which helps students to tackle real-life situations and problems and also is a great way to test an individual’ s skills and confidence in the competition (JBS MBA, 2009). With the amount of flexibility and freedom given in the university and with the various facilities that are available for the students, I am confident I will be able to nurture my ideas and my business qualities here under some excellent guides and experts.

Since the university provides the classes to be held among a smaller group of people and focuses a lot on the interactivity of students and the faculty, this will allow me to participate a lot more and bring out all my ideas and help me gain expert advice to improve my focus and ideas. Also, students have a chance to choose their own electives and consulting projects, this will be very helpful for me as I will be able to choose a project and elective based on my interest and the business that I aim at starting.

Another very big benefit of this course is that it provides personal career advice to students which will be very helpful as it will help me get my priorities right and with their extensive knowledge and experience they can help me move towards my goals and objectives more effectively and efficiently. Hence I believe that the Cambridge University MBA will help me focus on my goals and will give me a chance to learn the various subjects that will help me be a successful entrepreneur.

In conclusion, I can safely say that Cambridge University acts as a stepping stone for students with excellent ideas and with business minds to help develop and grow their knowledge to the best possible level. This I believe is the biggest positive of the University and this will help me bring out the hidden talents, knowledge and drive that I have for business and also for innovation.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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