Essays on How to Counteract the Bad Publicity of Holden Australia for Its Closed Down Research Proposal

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The paper "How to Counteract the Bad Publicity of Holden Australia for Its Closed Down" is an outstanding example of a marketing research proposal.   Since its establishment in 1856, Holden is a private motor company that has been invested in the manufacture and supply of motor vehicles in Australia and throughout the globe (White, 2015). The company was previously known as General Motors Holden and has its headquarters in both Victoria and Port Melbourne in Australia. Among the vehicles that Holden has manufactured include the Colorado, Ute, Opel, Epica, Commodores, diverse sedans and sports cars as well.

Being a large brand, Holden has a great reputation globally and has succeeded in its sales and growth in the motor vehicle industry. The October 2017 plan by Holden to shut down its manufacturing base has however affected the company’ s publicity in different ways which may have a negative impact on the motor firm (Burns, 2014). The intent to close out is bound to affect different parties, including investors, finance establishments, competitors, employees, suppliers, dealers and consumers as a whole (Stanwick et al, 2015). Generally, there is potential negativity in the change expected as the company will have cut most of its operations in the region (Rees, 2014).

From different literature, it was determined that Holden has had a reputable profile with consumers ranking most cars at a rate of eight over ten. The change may, however, affect the opinions of consumers despite their loyalty as the company will no longer be able to meet their specific demands (Barbaro et al, 2014). Furthermore, competitors of Holden may have an excellent chance to gain into their market share which weakens the image of the company.

Holden motor company may additionally be required to come up with a crisis marketing strategy that will save the reputation of the brand. With previous downfalls that affected the brand such as the failure by the Epica to sell in Australia; the subsequent exit will grossly affect the image of Holden motor company (Barnes, 2016). This research proposal will, therefore, provide an overview of the present publicity effect of Holden, the effect of the upcoming change in the company and the how the company can counter the negative publicity that is as a result of closing out.

The proposal will further present the methods that will be used to carry out the research on how Holden can counter the negative publicity that has affected it on its impending exit. Research Objectives The long term goal of the research is to determine ways in which the negative publicity directed towards Holden Company can be neutralized. Negative publicity is herein emphasized as unfavourable publicity that a firm incurs because of a specific reason or several reasons and one that has catastrophic consequences.

Generally, negative publicity is detrimental to business. To counter the negative publicity that may affect Holden, the following objectives were formulated so as to have a proper framework for carrying out the research and giving the best recommendation for the existing problem. The objectives are thus as follows: To profile Holden in the automotive industry as well as its overseas cases and obtain information from the competitors of Holden To profile the attitudes and opinions of Holden consumers and those of consumers who travel abroad for manufacturing To determine how best to use the media in managing negative publicity and the best practice that can be implemented.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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