Essays on How to Make the Toyota Brand Greater Than It Is Today Research Paper

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The paper "How to Make the Toyota Brand Greater Than It Is Today" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. The report contains brief and basic background information on Toyota. This helps in understanding the core purpose, mission, vision, goals, and objectives of the company. It also aims to understand what strategies Toyota has been using all these years. This is with the sole aim of identifying if the strategies are working or not. It provides a platform for the formation of ideas on how to make the Toyota brand greater than it is today.

This is in line with emerging competitors, especially from the United Arab Emirates. Toyota's brand is one that has evolved over the years. This is from the day that it was created to the current date. What is to be observed is the fact that Toyota realizes the need to employ organizational behavior and change. There is a need for organizations to employ change every day. The world has new expectations every day. This is the reason that propels Toyota to ensure that they have embraced new techniques of operations.

This is with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction. Toyota’ s strategies have undergone metamorphosis to ensure reduced competition. Marketing strategies that are customer based are hard to fulfill. Toyota has ensured that it has taken time to critically analyze the market. Analysis of the market has enabled them to know what the consumers want. They have then included the consumers’ wants and needs into one package. The package comes in very many colors, designs, and shapes. They have then mastered the art of where to place themselves.

This gives them a clear cut picture of what they should receive for every purchase of their goods. The team that manages the Toyota brand has taken the time to understand the market. This is the sole reason why the brand is very popular all over the world. This is the reason why competitors are having a very rough time catching up.   Introduction The global trends require an aggressive business environment. Many companies are struggling to stay afloat. Those that do not have the proper channels to stay afloat have collapsed.

This is with issues of bankruptcy, insolvency, and foreclosure. Toyota is one brand that has undergone tough times. It did not sit back and magically get to where it is. After its inception, a lot has been put in place to ensure that it is where it is today. Employees have gone through constant training to be able to understand the goods that they produce. Managers have undergone training to ensure that they have the knowledge to manage their employees. Toyota realizes that without efficient and effective managers, even the best laid out strategies can never work. Armed with this thought, Toyota ensures that everyone contributes to the strategies created.

Once the strategies have been created, it is essential for everyone to understand them. It is only after their understanding can they be applied in a successful business context.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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